AMD achieved another record quarter in terms of market share of the x86 processor in the first quarter of 2022, according to the latest data from Mercury Research.

AMD sees record growth in x86 processor market share in the first quarter of 2022: server processors remain strong, desktop and notebook segment recovers

From the figures provided by Mercury Research, it can be seen that AMD gained + 2.1 points compared to the previous quarter, which led to 27.7% market share this quarter. This brings AMD’s current share to a record high compared to Intel, which currently stands at 72.3%, but has been declining since AMD released its Zen CPU architecture. Compared to the previous year, AMD achieved a jump of +7.0 points (compared to Q1 2021) compared to Intel, which is undoubtedly impressive.

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“Lower deliveries of low-cost entry-level processors and strong ramps for new mobile processors (Alder Lake processors for Intel and Barcelo and Rembrandt processor cores for AMD) have led to much higher prices for mobile processors, which has helped place record customer (combined desktop and laptop) average sales prices of $ 138, an increase of more than 10% quarter on quarter and more than 30% per year. “

Dean McCarran (Mercury Research)

Market share of the AMD Q4 2021 x86 processor (via Mercury Research):

Q4 2021 Q3 2021 Q2 2021 Q1 2021 Q4 2020 Q3 2020 Q2 2020 Q1 2020 Q4 2019 Q3 2019 Q2 2019 Q1 2019 Q4 2018 Q3 2018 Q2 2018 Q1 2018
AMD’s market share for desktop processors 16.2% 17.0% 17.1% 19.3% 19.3% 20.1% 19.2% 18.6% 18.3% 18.0% 17.1% 17.1% 15.8% 13.0% 12.3% 12.2%
AMD Mobility processor market share 21.6% 22.0% 20.0% 18.0% 19.0% 20.2% 19.9% 17.1% 16.2% 14.7% 14.1% 13.1% 12.2% 10.9% 8.8% N / A
Market share of AMD server processor 10.7% 10.2% 9.50% 8.9% 7.1% 6.6% 5.8% 5.1% 4.5% 4.3% 3.4% 2.9% 4.2% 1.6% 1.4% N / A
Total market share of AMD x86 CPU 25.6% 24.6% 22.5% 20.7% 21.7% 22.4% 18.3% 14.8% 15.5% 14.6% 13.9% N / A 12.3% 10.6% N / A N / A

Reaching the segment-specific market share, AMD Server and Mobile Division performed well with the segment leader Mobile with a share of +0.9 points, which is currently 22.5% against Intel’s 77.5%. This growth comes after a slight decline in the previous quarter. Sales of the Ryzen 6000 Rembrandt seem to have helped the red team increase its numbers significantly in the first quarter of 2022 and will continue to improve throughout the year as global deliveries return to normal.

In the server segment, we saw an increase of +0.9 points per share, which is now 11.6% compared to Intel’s still giant share of 88.4%. Finally, we have a share of desktops, where AMD recorded the highest growth of +2.1 points and is 18.3% compared to 81.7% of Intel. AMD recently introduced its Ryzen 5000 for the DIY segment in a variety of basic and high-end options, which should further help the chipmaker increase its numbers in the second quarter of 2022.

Mercury Research captures all x86 server processors in the evaluation of their server units, regardless of device (server, network or storage), while the calculated 1P [single-socket] and 2P [two-socket] THERE [Total Addressable Market] provided by IDC includes only traditional servers. “

The company is facing severe supply constraints, and while priority 7nm shipments are targeting EPYC and Ryzen mobile, Ryzen desktop processors are still leading the way in retail sales. But we see global supply returning to normal from the beginning of 2022, as CPU and GPU production increases.

At the same time, the market for high-end desktop processors seems to have shrunk dramatically. New report from Pugetsystems shows that sales of the AMD Threadripper CPU and sales of the HEDT CPU as a whole have declined sharply. Intel hasn’t released HEDT in several years, while AMD’s Threadripper family has moved to workstations, plus there’s exclusivity over time with Lenovo in the game, which means the DIY market gets the chips much later in their lifecycle.

While Intel’s Alder Lake processors have brought fierce competition to the desktop and laptop space, server space remains a strength for AMD, which has been constantly evolving with improved and enhanced solutions since the inception of the EPYC platform. AMD is expected to release its first Zen 4 desktop and server chips later this year, which will boost the company’s growth.

News source: Tomshardware

AMD Achieves Record x86 CPU Market Share In Q1 2022: Desktop & Notebook Segment Recovers, Server Share Now at 11.6%

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