Kieran Holland is global head of talent acquisition at Room 8 Group, where they look for people. Many people.

What sets your studio apart from other developers?

Room 8 Group is one of the largest outsourcing companies in game development, working with seven of the world’s ten largest publishers. The group unites several companies – Room 8 Studio, Dragons Lake and Massive Black, each of which offers something unique and is a hub of opportunities for talented people who think big and push the boundaries of creativity. Our mobile, console, trailer, and art departments have tons of big projects. Room 8 Group is a culturally diverse team with a Ukrainian beating heart and our specialists work remotely all over the world.

How many employees are you currently looking for? to take over?

We have growth plans in our three existing service lines as well as our new service lines, 600+ people in 2022 and many more in 2023 and beyond. These new roles range from console and mobile game development, QA, concept and design, trailer and game cinematics.

What bonuses are available to people working in your studio?

Room 8 Group companies are fantastic places to be because we have diverse teams made up of talented professionals, the development teams are global, bringing many perspectives and different experiences to the table. Our leadership team represents our diversity with leaders from around the world. 50% of them are women, including our CEO. Benefits vary depending on which country our employees are based in. However, everyone here gets the opportunity to receive great bonuses and develop their careers with our fantastic careers and very competitive salary packages.

What should aspiring developers do with their CV to get an interview?

Don’t be shy, applying is easy with Room 8 Group, Room 8 Studio and Dragon’s Lake. But also get in touch, connect with the recruitment team on our LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram and let’s start the conversation.

What advice would you give for a successful interview at your studio?

Be authentic. It is so important to present yourself as honestly as possible. This will ensure you get a role and in a studio culture that best suits you and your preferred way of working and means you’ll be happy. Also, don’t be afraid to show how awesome you are!

Be clear about what you’ve achieved, what you’ve delivered, what you’re proud of and, when things don’t go as planned, what you’ve learned from it. Some of us find this easier than others (especially those of us with crippling imposter syndrome!), so if you’re having a hard time, write down some of your career highlights to remind you of how awesome you are! It’s also a good idea to come to the interview prepared – we recommend that you read the job description, make sure you have all the skills needed for the job, and read about the company in general.

What processes do you have for remote staff onboarding?

On the HR side, we use PeopleForce, an HRM tool designed to help companies manage their people, which is particularly good at streamlining hiring, onboarding and employee engagement operations. PeopleForce is easy to use and allows you to focus on people, not processes.

Formal onboarding usually involves a series of online seminars, training sessions, video calls where we help newcomers learn about the company’s vision, mission, culture, processes, rituals and tools. Each new team member has an automated task assigned to him/her in PF, which they lead during the first stage of the onboarding process. We also use online tools to manage the necessary documentation. The direct manager is responsible for arranging a meeting with the team and appointing a mentor. From day one, a newcomer is added to all the company’s communication channels and tools.

How has the pandemic affected your studio’s recruiting?

Remote working has become a reality for Room 8 Group companies since the start of the pandemic in early 2020. We have been able to organize the transition quickly and smoothly, including recruitment. All our corporate functions efficiently set up all processes and with all modern tools and programs, hiring and onboarding are easy to manage and process. In fact, the Group has significantly grown and expanded its presence geographically, thanks to the adoption of telecommuting!

Recruiter Hotseat – Kieran Holland, global head of talent acquisition at Room 8 Group

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