Robot vacuum cleaners are no longer just a fun novelty, aimlessly scattering dust around your house. Technology has come a long way in recent years and has powerful machines that make a big difference to your weekly duties. Roborock makes an impressive array of robot vacuum cleaners for every budget, including one of ours favorite models of the year.

Today only on Amazon you can get one with up to 47% discount. These offers are only available until 11:55 PM PT (2:55 PM ET) tonight, so be sure to receive your order beforehand.

Given its efficient lidar navigation, powerful 2500 Pascal pressure units, or Pa, suction and advanced cleaning capabilities, we called Roborock S7 our favorite mid-range robot vacuum cleaner for 2022. It is full of impressive features, including ultrasonic carpet recognition, which automatically boosts the suction for deeper carpet cleaning and intelligent mop lift, allowing it to clean and clean at the same time. without soaking your carpets. It is on sale today for only $ 480, $ 170 off the regular price.

At $ 320, which is a $ 280 discount on the original price, Roborock S6 Pure is a slight step down from the S7, but still offers an impressive array of features. It also uses lidar navigation to generate an accurate multi-storey map of your home, allowing you to set restricted areas and custom cleaning schedules. It boasts an impressive 2,000 Pa suction and a long-range water tank that can clean up to 1,610 square feet without the need for recharging.

If you do not need a cleaning function, only with a vacuum cleaner Roborock E4 is the most affordable model you will find in this sale for only $ 240 or $ 60 off the regular price. It boasts 2,000 Pa of suction, and 200 minutes of running time is enough to cover an area of ​​up to 2,152 square feet on a single charge. In addition, there are four different cleaning modes – silent, balanced, turbo and maximum – to deal with different types of clutter and can be controlled via the accompanying Mi Home app or using your voice with Google Assistant or Alexa compatible intelligent speaker.

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