Overwatch 2 has been officially confirmed and will be free-to-play when it launches later this year.

Overwatch 2 is the successor to the original multiplayer shooter that Blizzard Entertainment launched in 2016. Aside from the switch to a free-to-play model, the biggest change for the sequel is the switch from 6v6 multiplayer to 5v5.

Blizzard has confirmed that each team will only have one tank class this time around, with the developers making the changes to speed up gameplay. New maps are also designed with more cover slots to compensate for the loss of a tank hero.

Read on for everything you need to know about Overwatch 2.

Release date

Overwatch 2 is set to launch on October 4, 2022. It will be playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

The game will be free to play and therefore does not require an upfront fee. Blizzard Entertainment has ditched loot boxes, monetizing a battle pass system instead. By subscribing to Season Battle Passes, you will be given the opportunity to unlock special cosmetic items such as character skins and weapons.

You won’t need to pay to unlock any of the launch characters and cards.


You can check out the Overwatch 2 Release Date Reveal trailer below:

This second video isn’t really a trailer, but an in-depth look at some of the changes made to the gameplay:


Overwatch is an online multiplayer game where players choose from a huge roster of characters to battle rival squads.

The biggest change for Overwatch 2 is the departure of 6 vs. 6 player PvP matches, with Blizzard opting for 5 vs. 5 matches instead. Teams will now consist of two damage classes, two support classes, and one tank class. Blizzard explained that reducing players using the Tank class in matches should result in faster gameplay.

Blizzard made a number of other tweaks to improve the pace of matches, including improving the movement speed of the Damage class and giving the Support class the ability to gradually self-heal. The tank class has also been improved, allowing such characters to be more offensive.

All previous Overwatch PvP modes will return, including Story Experience, Hero Missions, Assault, Control, Escort, and Hybrid. Overwatch 2 will introduce a new PvP mode called Push, where teams battle to escort a robot to the other side of the match.

In 2023, Overwatch 2 will also feature a PvE mode that lets you team up with friends to battle against AI-controlled enemies. These PvE missions will obviously move the story forward.


All 32 characters from the original Overwatch will be available at launch in the sequel.

Two new characters will also join the roster. Sojourn was introduced first, representing the Damage class and using the energy-based Railgun. The Junker Queen has also been confirmed, taking the tank class. She can throw daggers, fire her rifle and swing her ax at enemies.

Blizzard has yet to reveal any additional new characters, but they have confirmed that they plan to release one more tank character, along with two support characters, in the first few seasons.

That’s all the key information about Overwatch 2 right now. Stay tuned to Trusted Reviews in October as we’ll be reviewing the sequel once it’s available to play.

Overwatch 2: Everything you need to know

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