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I will not lie, in fact I am shocked that not only did I manage to order the Pixel 6 Pro successfully, but also that it came within a week after I ordered it. Aside from the disaster that was the launch of this latest Google Pixel, the Pixel 6 is everything I hoped it would be and much more.

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Find out, I’ve owned a Google Pixel since the first iteration. I watched these phones evolve (and in one step become) something special. And even with the wrong step, which was Pixel 4 (which was hampered only by a lack of battery), each edition seems to be moving towards what became Pixel 6. And although Google is one of the worst of the big companies in marketing on new devices, it was no surprise that the Pixel 6 Pro was sold out almost immediately.

The phone is so good.

Of course, those of us who couldn’t get to a device before launch had to sit back and guess how well the new Pixel would perform, but I’m pretty sure every user, user and reviewer is lucky enough to to order and receive Google Pixel 6 Pro, they were delighted with what it can do.

More on that in a moment. First I want to talk about hardware.

Pixel 6 Pro is a great phone

As soon as I took the Pixel 6 Pro out of the box, my first reaction was, “This is a huge phone!” I’ve always been a fan of smaller devices, but this time I wanted the extra bells and whistles in the Pro (especially the cameras). ). As you see (Figure A), Google Pixel 6 Pro is ahead of Pixel 5.

Figure A

The Pixel 6 Pro is on the left and is significantly larger than the 5.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro is also significantly heavier than the 5. It should be, given how much bigger it is. But the need to get used to such a large and heavy phone takes some time and effort.

Worth. Trust me.

Another thing to note is that the Pixel 6 Pro has a gorgeous rounded edge on the screen, which is very reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy line. It is smooth and of all classes. Given the size of the phone, these rounded edges make it easier to hold in smaller hands. Besides, they just look elegant.

My first reactions to the Pixel 6 Pro

My first reaction (after the incredibly simple introduction) was how stunning the display is. If you’ve never had a refresh rate of 120MHz on your phone, this is something you should see. Everything is crystal clear and smooth. Scrolling through an endless show on Twitter is effortless and silky. The animations are beautiful and the images amaze you.

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The next thing that grabbed me was the fingerprint reader. I’ve heard so many people complain about how slow the Pixel 6’s screen reader is. Although it’s not as fast as the Google Pixel 5 (which is instantaneous), it’s not exactly slow. I also heard that you need to wake up the phone first before the fingerprint scanner recognizes your fingerprint. This is not so. I can pick up my phone and put my thumb on the screen (as indicated) and the device unlocks. It’s as simple and reliable as any fingerprint scanner I’ve used (albeit a second slower).

However, after using other devices with fingerprint scanners under the screen (such as OnePlus 10 Pro), I now realized that the Google Pixel 6 Pro fingerprint scanner is not nearly what it could be. Although it is accurate and (mostly) unlocked on the first try, it is significantly slower than other similar devices.

The Pixel 6 Pro’s camera is mind-boggling

The Google Pixel 6 Pro camera can do so much. I just scratched the surface of his capabilities. There is motion (where you can capture a moving image and blur the background), there is 4X magnification, there is brilliant night vision, the usual options for panorama, photosphere and lens, acceleration video, slow motion video, low light usability … list goes on and on.

And I won’t bore you with a lot of images I’ve already made, but I’ll share one I did with (4x magnification) at the end of my turntable (Figure B).

Figure B

The end of the Rega P8 tonearm up close and personal.

I’m almost ashamed of how much dust you can see in the image, but that illustrates how amazing this main camera is. And this with zero extra light. It’s great in low light.

Google Assistant, as it should be on the Pixel 6 Pro

One thing I’ve always found frustrating with Google Assistant is that it could never handle me while I was talking. I said “Hey, Google” and then whatever I said after that, I was always hitting or missing if the phone could support my voice and translate it effectively. With the Pixel 6 Pro, it’s instantaneous. Google Assistant has not missed a beat yet. This is a big improvement over the Pixel 4 and 5. Honestly, I rarely used Google Assistant on previous phones because there was enough lag to be disappointing.

With the Pixel 6 Pro, Google Assistant is exactly what it should have been from the beginning. I will use this feature exponentially more with the Pixel 6 Pro.

Video and talk in the Google Pixel 6 Pro have been significantly improved

Not surprisingly, given the 120MHz refresh rate, this Google Pixel 6 Pro video is amazing. In addition, the sound is the best in almost every smartphone I’ve ever used. And the sound of the phone calls is amazing. You see, the call quality in the Pixel 5 was a bit lower than in the Pixel 4, so the Pixel 6 Pro had a pretty low bandwidth to reach.

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However, after using other devices with fingerprint scanners under the screen (such as OnePlus 10 Pro), I now realized that the Pixel 6 Pro fingerprint scanner is not nearly what it could be. Although it is accurate and (mostly) unlocked on the first try, it is significantly slower than other similar devices.

But this tape was not just reached, it was torn to pieces. Phone calls are crystal clear and no longer have that tinny sound associated with previous iterations. With 6 Pro you feel as if the person you are talking to is right there. So, combine it all together and the multimedia / phone call experience is out of the charts.

Get in line if you want a new Pixel

Soon after its release, every unlocked version of the Pixel 6 Pro was sold out. The good news is that they are back in stock, so if you want to get one, go to the Google Play Store and purchase an unlocked or operator-specific version. If you are on the fence, I highly recommend you jump on the buying side. This phone, of course, is the best mobile device I have ever used. I’m glad I chose to use the huge Pixel 6 Pro, because the display and cameras are worth getting used to the weight of the phone.

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Pixel 6 Pro review: The smartphone to beat

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