Being visible to drivers is a constant concern for cyclists, but we doubt it [The Q] will have this problem with his RGB LED illuminated tires made from glue sticks.

The project began with a set of 3D printed tire molds that attach to standard wheels. A bot of melted glue sticks is poured into the mold, allowed to cool, and the mold sections are removed using a heat gun after cooling. We doubt the weight and stiffness make the tires particularly practical, but you can’t make normal tires glow from the inside.

The idea to light up the tires probably came after molding because they had to be cut to fit the LEDs. [The Q] made a simple hot wire jig with a piece of nichrome wire between two screws and used it to cut a few millimeters off the inside of the tire and put a sleeved RGB LED strip into the wheel. Power comes from a set of three 18650 batteries placed with a wireless controller in a 3D printed housing mounted on a hub.

like [The Q]Hubless and partial wheel bikes, it’s definitely a head turner, with function following form.

Lighting Up Glue Stick Bicycle Tyres With RGB

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