EVocore products are designed to extend MIPS ‘leadership in high-performance real-time computing applications such as networks, data centers and vehicles. According to Semico Research, the CAGR for SoC shipped with RISC-V CPU cores between 2020 and 2027 is 73.6%, with the automotive segment expected to achieve 69.9% CAGR during that time *.

The new highly scalable and configurable RISC-V compatible eVocore IP cores are designed to provide performance leadership and high scalability, allowing customers to blend coherent clusters of multi-threaded, multi-core processors into unique combinations to meet the requirements and meet their requirements. for execution. The cores are designed to provide a flexible basis for heterogeneous computing, supporting combinations of eVocore processors and other accelerators, with Coherence Manager, which supports L2 cache and system-level coherence between all cores, main memory and I / O devices.

Because RISC-V ISA allows the addition of custom features in the form of user-defined instructions (UDI), MIPS can uniquely provide proven and powerful features required in many high-end applications, while being fully compatible with off-line RISC-V development tools and software libraries.

Both of eVocore’s new IP cores provide support for privileged hardware virtualization, user-defined custom extensions, multithreading, hybrid debugging, and functional security. These features and the high level of scalability of the cores make them very suitable for computationally intensive tasks in a wide range of markets and applications such as automotive (ADAS, AV, IVI), 5G and wireless networks, as well as data and storage and high-performance embedded applications.

eVocore P8700 – Superscalar Performance: This multiprocessor system combines a deep pipeline with multi-order (OOO) performance and multithreading to provide exceptional computing throughput. It has a single-threaded performance higher than that currently available in other RISC-V CPU IP offerings, and can scale up to 64 clusters, 512 cores and 1,024 charts / threads. The eVocore P8700 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2022.

eVocore I8500 – Best-in-class performance: This multi-processor system has best-in-class energy efficiency for use in SoC applications. Each I8500 core combines multi-threaded and efficient pipeline with a triple problem to provide exceptional computing performance.

RISC-V multiprocessor IP cores boast high scalability

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