For significantly lower energy consumption in household appliances and industrial equipment

ROHM has added seven new devices, the R60xxVNx series, to its PrestoMOSTM range of 600V Super Junction MOSFETs, which stand out with class-leading low switch-on resistance and the industry’s fastest recovery time (trr). The R60xxVNx series is optimized for power circuits in high-power industrial equipment, such as servers, EV charging and base stations, as well as white motor drives, which are increasingly using inverters to meet the trend towards greater energy savings. .

In recent years, as energy consumption has increased worldwide along with the need for more efficient energy use, industrial equipment such as servers, EV / base stations, air conditioners and other home appliances have become more energy efficient, requiring energy semiconductors. to further reduce power loss. In response, ROHM has expanded its existing PrestoMOSTM range with new devices that contribute to even lower power consumption than applications by offering lower switch-on resistance than standard products.

The new R60xxVNx series adopts the latest patented processes to achieve the fastest recovery time in the industry, while reducing ON resistance (which is a trade-off) by up to 20% compared to equivalent products.

In terms of recovery time, the new Super Junction MOSFET inherits the revolutionary 105ns already provided by existing ROHM PrestoMOSTM products, making it possible to reduce switching losses by approximately 17% compared to other solutions. With these two features, the new devices improve performance in a variety of applications.

At the same time, two models with even lower resistance have been added to the R60xxYNx series of standard 600V Super Junction MOSFETs with low switching resistance. This allows users to choose the ideal product based on the requirements of the application.

In the future, ROHM will continue to expand its range to include new Super Junction MOSFETs with even lower noise characteristics, which contribute to solving social problems (ie environmental protection) by reducing energy consumption in more – wide range of applications.

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Basic functions

  1. Achieves class-leading low turn-on resilience and the fastest recovery time in the industry

ROHM R60xxVNx PrestoMOS seriesTM 600V Super Junction MOSFETs uses the latest processes to reduce the resistance when switching on a unit area. Despite the difficulty in reducing the switch-on resistance, given the compromised link to the recovery time, up to 20% lower switch-on resistance was achieved compared to equivalent standard products (TO-220FM package), which contributes to even more -low energy consumption in various applications.

  1. The fastest recovery time in the industry (trr) minimizes switching losses

In general, when processes are miniaturized, core performance, such as ON resistance, improves, while recovery time deteriorates. In contrast, ROHM’s R60xxVNx series uses patented high-speed technology to achieve the industry’s fastest recovery time of 105 ns, while maintaining lower switch-on resistance compared to the equivalent products in the TO-220FM package. Eliminating power loss reduces power loss during switching by approximately 17% compared to standard products. In addition, standard types such as the R60xxYNx series are available, which include trr in the range of 300 to 400 ns at the same switching resistance.

Thanks to these two features, the R60xxVNx series offers higher efficiency than standard products, even compared to scoreboards using synchronous rectified amplifier circuits that pursue high efficiency (products with a class resistance of 60mΩ), which contributes significantly to lower power consumption in applications such as solar inverters and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

026_PrestoMOS R60xxVN_EN_5

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Product range

R60xxVNx series (PrestoMOSTM)

026_PrestoMOS R60xxVN_EN_7

R60xxYNx series (MOSFET with fast switching)

026_PrestoMOS R60xxVN_EN_8

Examples of application

■ EV charging stations, servers, base stations, solar inverters (air conditioners),

uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), switching power supplies (SMPS) and others

■ Appliances such as air conditioners

■ Motor drives, power circuits and the like


“Presto” is an Italian musical term meaning “very fast”.

PrestoMOSTM is ROHM’s powerful MOSFET, which uses original life control technology to provide the fastest recovery time in the industry (trr).

* PrestoMOS is a trademark of ROHM

Pricing: $ 8.32 / unit (samples, tax excluded)

Availability: In mass production. These new products are now available for purchase through online distributors Digi-key, Mouserand Farnell.

Specialized product page: For more details, please visit


trr (reverse recovery time)

The time it takes for the built-in diode to go from ON to completely OFF. The lower this value, the lower the switching loss.

ON Resistance

The value of the resistance between the drain and the source while the MOSFET is on. The lower this value, the smaller the loss of (power) during conductivity

Reinforcing circuit for synchronous straightening

An amplifier circuit usually consists of a MOSFET and a diode in which the diode is replaced with a MOSFET to improve efficiency. Higher efficiency is achieved because the loss due to the resistance when the MOSFET is switched on is lower than the power loss due to VФ on the diode.

026_PrestoMOS R60xxVN_EN_9

ROHM’s New 600V Super Junction MOSFETs

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