I’m rollerblading at top speed and still have a sniper’s laser sight fixed to my torso. I wait for the last moment, just as they are about to pull the trigger, to dodge the oncoming bullet and fire my rifle – straight at the beast swinging a spiked club at my forehead. After heading for the nearest halfpipe, I grab the nose in the air to refill my pistol ammo and land on a grind rail – heading straight for the gunners.

Now it’s just a case of firing a few homing missiles out of the air, triggering slow motion, and unloading my twin pistols – all before the wall is safe. I feel like a fighter on wheels with a gun. I look like a high-speed death suit. And I’m having so much fun.

This is Rollerdrome, an upcoming single-player arena shooter from Roll7 that enlists you in the titular fictional blood sport. Comprised of a series of deathmatches strung together in an overarching single-player narrative campaign, Rollerdrome challenges you to battle waves of enemies in battle arenas littered with skatepark paraphernalia. With nothing but a thin arsenal of weapons in hand and a pair of roller skates on your feet, you’ll pump combos, brush off challenges and perform a bunch of silly tricks worthy of the most extreme sports games.

(Image credit: Roll7)

While lead producer Drew Jones succinctly describes Rollerdrome as a “roller-skating shooter,” fans of the studio may recognize it more as a combination of two of Roll7’s previous releases. Combining the smooth cellular-hued skating of Olli Olli with the frenetic arena survival of Laser League, the game took a strikingly odd premise to what could be its zenith.


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