saber acquired software for hotel management and guest engagement Nuvola to improve its strategy for hotel retail and merchandising.

The terms of the agreement have not been announced.

With Nuvola Saber, it aims to address the performance challenges that arise for hoteliers offering a wide range of ancillary elements and attributes. Addressing this need, Saber says it hopes to enable hoteliers to expand their offerings through Saber solutions.

“Our vision for the future of hospitality retail goes beyond the industry’s current focus on room sales, along with a limited set of ancillary items,” said Scott Wilson, president of Saber Hospitality Solutions.

“Hoteliers today need new retail strategies and solutions to help them provide memorable, meaningful experiences for guests. Taking advantage of Nuvola’s capabilities will help us complete the “last mile” in the retail process, enabling our customers to create and, most importantly, deliver differentiated guest experiences. “

Founded in 2011, Mivola’s Miami-based cloud solutions include task management, guest messaging and concierge services, and household management.

“Together, we can be of greater benefit to hoteliers – not only in the operating space, but also in retail,” said Juan Carlos Abelo, founder and CEO of Nuvola.

“Nuvola’s current stand-alone offerings will continue to improve the property’s efficiency for hoteliers. More importantly, integrating Nuvola’s capabilities into Saber’s existing retail and property management solutions will open up new opportunities for hoteliers to provide a differentiated, seamless guest experience. ”

The transaction includes Nuvola technology and guest activation software, as well as the integration of Nuvola employees at Saber.

Last week, Saber reported revenue growth from its travel, distribution, IT solutions and hospitality solutions for the first quarter of 2022.

The company’s total revenue is $ 585 million against $ 327 million on an annual basis, with an operating loss of $ 80 million compared to a loss of $ 203 million in the first quarter of 2021.

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