Taking advantage of Nuvola’s solutions, Saber expects to improve its strategy for retail and hospitality merchandising, while further expanding its hotel properties and operational capabilities.

From HTN employees – 5.9.2022

Travel software and technology provider Saber Corporation has acquired Nuvola, a renowned provider of software to optimize hotel services and engage guests for hoteliers around the world. The transaction includes Nuvola technology and guest activation software, as well as the integration of Nuvola employees into Saber. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Based in Southlake, Texas, Saber serves customers in more than 160 countries around the world and manages more than $ 260 billion value of global travel costs per year.

Saber has increasingly focused on expanding its hotel technology platform in recent years, leading with its SynXis central booking system, through which hotels can integrate their websites to accept bookings. The solution helps hotels eliminate inconsistencies in booking data. Last September, the company launched its SynXis Property Hub, a cloud-based property management system. With the launch, Saber customers have implemented SynXis Property Hub in more than 450 properties, including over 90 selected Wyndham Hotels & Resorts services in North America.

With SynXis Property Hub, content, tariffs and availability, as well as flexible workflows are kept in one place. This aims to improve the guest experience during their stay by allowing hoteliers to create a consistent brand experience. Its intuitive design also reduces the time to perform routine tasks and speeds up the process of adapting employees.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, Nuvola is designed to equip hotels with intuitive and scalable cloud solutions, including task management capabilities, guest messaging and concierge services, as well as advanced household management solutions. “Nuvola has been developed with the special intention of facilitating the work process by offering a program that is fully adaptable to meet the unique needs of each partner in the hotel.” Juan Carlos Abelofounder and CEO of Nuvola, he said Hotel technology news in an interview under the spotlight. “By offering a platform for optimizing a destination that easily fits into the day-to-day operations of each hotel, we are able to successfully bridge the gap in communication between hotel staff and guests – ultimately offering better an experience for everyone. “

Invoiced as a software platform for optimizing hotel services and guest engagement, the company offers a destination-based cloud optimization solution that, according to the company, delivers “intuitive software to improve every aspect of hotel operations, including guest services. housekeeping, support, green initiatives and guest engagement. These pillars of focus on overall service optimization are strengthened by Nuvola’s first-hand understanding of day-to-day hotel operations and robust reporting capabilities, keeping your staff in sync, developing accountability and improving guest travel during their stay.

Last September, the company introduced Nuvola 5.0, an upgrade for the entire system that includes a new user interface and user experience to increase practicality and intuitive functionality. Shortcuts and advanced search filters are now available to create more direct access to information through minimized clicks. Nuvola 5.0 introduced Insights, an artificial intelligence-enabled product that provides users with real-time metrics related to guest preferences, asset management and staff history while completing activities. Insights summarizes the latest data to provide the user with an accurate overview of the condition of the room, the profile of the guests and the activities of the staff, without having to search in the various modules to find this information.

Taking advantage of Nuvola’s solutions, Saber expects to improve its strategy for retail and hospitality merchandising, while further expanding its hotel properties and operational capabilities. According to a press release from the company, Nuvola’s capabilities will help address the performance challenges that arise when hoteliers offer an expanded variety of ancillary items and attributes. The company believes that addressing this critical need will enable hoteliers to expand their offerings through Saber’s comprehensive retail, merchandising and performance capabilities.

“Our vision for the future of hotel retail goes beyond the current industry focus on room sales along with a limited set of ancillary items,” they said. Scott Wilson, president of Saber Hospitality Solutions, in a press release. “Hoteliers today need new retail strategies and solutions to help them provide memorable, meaningful experiences for guests. Taking advantage of Nuvola’s capabilities will help us complete the “last mile” in the retail process, enabling our customers to create and, most importantly, deliver differentiated guest experiences. “

“Together we will be able to provide greater benefits for hoteliers – not only in the operating space, but also in retail,” he said. Abelo in a press release. “Nuvola’s current stand-alone offerings will continue to improve the property’s efficiency for hoteliers. More importantly, integrating Nuvola’s capabilities into Saber’s existing retail and property management solutions will open up new opportunities for hoteliers to provide a differentiated, seamless guest experience. ”

Sabre Acquires Nuvola to Enhance Its Hotel Service and Guest Engagement Platform Capabilities

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