London Mayor Sadiq Khan has embarked on a tour of the United States aimed at attracting international investment to the capital, including a trip to Silicon Valley to meet with senior technology executives.

Khan said he would “drum the drum for London” to help boost tourism and technology investment amid the pandemic’s economic recovery in the capital.

Khan’s trip includes a visit to San Francisco, where he will visit Silicon Valley business leaders in technology companies, including Google and LinkedIn.

Founders of approximately 15 London-based technology businesses, including blockchain Aventus, will join Hahn in the commercial mission of the mayor of the International Business Program in Los Angeles.

“I’m visiting America this week, hitting the drum on London to attract the tourism and investment our city needs after the pandemic. I want to show the world that London is completely open to business once again, “Hahn said.

Khan will travel to New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. During the trip, Khan will also launch his new £ 10 million international tourism campaign.

When in San Francisco, the mayor will be accompanied by 10 women founders from BeyondHERizons program.

“During my visit, my main message will be that London is the ideal destination in the world for visiting international tourists and for business investment,” Hahn said.

The trip begins today in New York, where Hahn is scheduled to meet with Mayor Eric Adams.

London is considered Europe’s technology hub, with technology start-ups based in the capital raising a record £ 18.55 billion in 2021.

However, after a record year of VC technology funding, there are signs of a global slowdown amid rising inflation and rising interest rates.

Outside Lonon, regional investment is increasing by £ 9bn in venture capital funding in 2021, which will be targeted at start-ups and large-scale companies outside London and the South East.

Startup companies based in technology centers such as Manchester and Leeds are becoming increasingly popular targets for venture capital firms, including those four British venture capital funds that are actively investing in Nordic technology startups.

Sadiq Khan courts Silicon Valley for London tech investment

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