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Over the years, there have been several disturbing stories of home fires caused by 3D printers with electrical issues. When you think about it, it makes sense, doesn’t it? You have an electric heater that gets pushed to over 200 degrees Celsius, a bunch of moving parts, and the possibility of a ball of plastic accidentally wrapping around it all. That’s not even considering the very real possibility of a problem where the heater doesn’t work and just keeps getting hotter and hotter until it fails (called a run).

The Whamban3D comes up with a product to help you sleep a little easier with nighttime 3D prints. This is a container of fire extinguishing material that sits above your printer and will burst if anything underneath catches fire. Such things exist in the automotive industry for quite some time, but before that it was quite expensive for a 3D printer, easily reaching over $100 and sometimes over $200. The cloud basically takes that same item and repackages it to about $30, which is easier on the stomach.

When the flames hit the cloud, it will burst and send this fire extinguishing material everywhere. This may result in a mess to clean up, but at least your workshop or house won’t burn down! I highly recommend getting something like this.


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