Samsung is one of the first mobile phone brands to launch a foldable mobile phone a few years ago. Since the launch of its original foldable phone, the company has been improving the technology. Over the years, it has released some decent foldable phones that are now gaining popularity. The South Korean manufacturer is already working on its latest foldable phones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6. There have been several reports about these phones over the past few weeks. The latest report concerns their color options.

According to Ross Young, CEO of display supply chain company DSCC, these devices will come in multiple colors. In his a tweethe shared color range of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6. Based on the content of the tweet, below is the color information for these devices

  • Galaxy Z Fold6: dark blue, light pink and silver
  • Galaxy Z Flip6: Light Blue, Light Green, Silver and Yellow

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 is expected to be a remarkable device with significant improvements over its predecessors. From the reports available so far, this device adopts a flat design and its design language is closer to the Galaxy S24 Ultra phone.

Design and display

The Z Fold6 is expected to feature design improvements, particularly with a focus on the hinge mechanism and durability. Samsung has been consistent in improving the durability of its foldable phones, offering further improvements in this aspect for the Z Fold6. According to the renders, the internal screen diagonal size of the Galaxy Z Fold6 is approximately 7.6 inches. When unfolded, the screen size is 153.5 x 132.5 x 6.1 mm. In addition, the external screen size of the Galaxy Z Fold6 is approximately 6.2 inches.

Software and Features

The device is likely to run on Samsung’s One UI 6 software based on Android 14, offering a seamless user experience. Expectations include new features exclusive to the foldable design, building on the strengths of its predecessor.

Cameras and battery

Reports suggest a significant improvement in the Z Fold6’s primary camera, potentially including a 50MP lens compared to the previous model’s 12MP lens. The Galaxy Z Fold6 is expected to offer battery life that is comparable or better than its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold5. With a larger battery capacity and improved charging speed, users can expect longer battery life and faster charging times. The capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 mobile phone is expected to increase by 5%. The capacity of Galaxy Z Fold5 mobile phone is 4400mAh (typical value). This means that the capacity of the Z Fold6 will be around 4600 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

Release date and price

While the exact launch date has not been confirmed, historical models suggest a potential launch around July or August 2024. Pricing details are yet to be revealed, but looking at previous models, it is expected to be competitive in its segment.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 is another highly anticipated device that promises exciting features and improvements. The Galaxy Z Flip6’s camera is getting bigger, and the renders also show a different flash module. There is news that the main camera of the Galaxy Z Flip6 mobile phone can be upgraded to 50MP. We remind you that the main camera of the previous generation Galaxy Z Flip5 is 12MP.

The dimensions of the phone are approximately 165.0 x 71.7 x 7.4 mm. However, thickness has increased from 6.9mm to 7.4mm, an increase of 7%. This shows that Samsung has increased the battery capacity and is expected to have better battery life.

Design and display

The Z Flip6 could introduce form factor changes compared to its predecessors, potentially including a larger roof screen for improved usability. Expectations include advances in the fabrication of folding screen frames aimed at cost-effective manufacturing processes. A recent promotional video render shows a clear view of the phone’s internal 6.7-inch display, punch-hole camera and bezels. The power button, volume buttons and antenna bands are in a similar position as in the previous model.

The renders also confirm the 3.4-inch display size on the lid. There are no significant changes in the number of cameras or display bezels. The renders also confirm a mint color and showcase its hinged mechanism. Once again, we don’t see any notable change compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.

Cameras and battery

Leaks suggest that the Z Flip6 will boast a 50MP primary camera, which is a significant improvement over the previous model’s camera setup. Reports also hint at a possible increase in battery capacity to 4,000mAh, offering improved battery life over its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6

Wishlist features

Enthusiasts are hoping for dust resistance and better battery life in the Z Flip6, addressing common issues with foldable devices. Faster loading speeds and improved external screen functionality are among the welcome improvements for an enhanced user experience.


In conclusion, recent reports surrounding Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6, have provided valuable information about their expected features and improvements. One notable aspect that caught the eye was the variety of color options offered for each device, as Ross Young, CEO of DSCC, shared.

For the Galaxy Z Fold6, users can expect a sophisticated color palette that includes dark blue, light pink and silver variants. These choices reflect Samsung’s commitment to offering a variety of options to suit different aesthetic preferences and style sensibilities. With these color options, users can customize their devices to suit their unique tastes and preferences, adding a touch of personality to the foldable smartphone experience.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Z Flip6 offers a vibrant selection of colors including light blue, light green, silver and yellow. These refreshing and vibrant hues further enhance the appeal of the device, catering to users looking for bold and expressive solutions in their smartphone design.

The introduction of multiple color options for both the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6 underscores Samsung’s focus on user-centric design and personalization. By providing a range of colors, Samsung ensures that users have the freedom to express themselves and make a statement with their foldable devices.

With growing anticipation for the launch of these innovative smartphones, the diverse color options add an exciting dimension to the overall user experience. Whether consumers prefer refined tones or vibrant hues, Samsung’s latest foldable offerings aim to satisfy a wide range of tastes and preferences, setting new standards for style and versatility in the foldable smartphone market. With the addition of these captivating color options, Samsung continues to redefine the boundaries of mobile technology while empowering consumers to embrace their unique sense of style and expression.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 & Galaxy Flip6 colour options revealed