ADI’s 24-bit SAR ADC, AD4630-24 maintains speed and accuracy while eliminating many system design challenges. Using ADI’s Easy Drive technology and Flexi-SPI serial peripheral interface, the dual-channel simultaneous sampling device simplifies the complex process of designing ATE ADCs, digital control loops and medical equipment.

Easy Drive solves such problems as strict layout guidelines, strict digital interface synchronization requirements, and complex choice of accompanying products. The wide differential input and frequency ranges allow the inputs to use the full ± VREF saturation-free range, simplification of signal conditioning requirements and system calibration. Improved Easy Drive analog input arrangement expands the choice of AD4630-24-compatible analog front components.

The Flexi-SPI of the converter facilitates the integration of the host processor and ADC, offering a wide window for data synchronization and multiple lines for serial data output. The echo clock mode and the ADC master clock mode simplify synchronization requirements and simplify the use of digital isolators.

The first in a pin-compatible family of six SAR ADCs with 16-bit to 24-bit resolution, the dual-channel AD4630-24 provides 2 Msamples / s bandwidth per channel. It also guarantees a maximum integral nonlinearity of ± 0.9 ppm and the absence of missing codes at 24 bits in the temperature range from -40 ° C to + 125 ° C, which according to the company is a 4x improvement over others. The reference buffer and all critical separation components are integrated into one chip, resulting in a 2x improvement in solution density.

Located in the CSP-BGA with 64 balls, 7 × 7 × 1.72 mm, the AD4630-24 costs $ 30.95 each in batches of 1,000 units. A single-channel version, the AD4030-24, is also available now, while the other four devices in the series will be released this year.

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