Scott and Male have just collaborated on an incredibly hidden and light ebike. The new Addict eRide uses Mahle’s new fully integrated ebike X20 system and is lighter, smarter and more powerful than ever.

The X20 system is almost completely hidden, with internally directed charging wiring and adds only 3.2 kg (7 lb) to the weight of the engine. It’s remarkable how much Mahle packs in these 3.2 kg: a rear engine with a hub generating up to 60 Nm (40.6 lb-ft) of torque, an internal 236 Wh battery (there is also an option of 350 Wh), torque sensors torque and cadence, a machine-capable brain, Bluetooth connectivity and a small, super-clean head that replaces information clutter and thumb controls with a simple colored LED strip.

If you want to return all the information, the motorcycle also has ANT + connectivity, so it will talk happily with your favorite bike computer and you can have all the numbers you want. Similarly, Mahle will sell its own small LCD display as an accessory, along with things like eShifter steering wheel controls.

Like the old system, you can add a battery to extend the range by placing it in a bottle cage on the frame. They weigh 1.1 kg (2.4 lb) and add 177 Wh of energy storage, allowing impressive range figures of up to 200 km (124 miles) if you work carefully. The system will be limited to 25 km / h (15.5 mph) where required by law and 32 km / h (20 mph) (Class 1) in the United States, and Mahle says there is no engine resistance if move faster than that, or if you decide to turn it off.

The small color module in the frame can be used as a stand-alone main unit, or Mahle will sell you a simple LCD head unit, or you can use your own ANT + -connected bicycle computer


Scott is taking the opportunity to design one of the lightest and most elegant production e-bikes in the world around this new powertrain, and you’ll have to look hard to see that the new Addict eRide is electric at all. The hub motor is hidden behind the gearbox, the main unit is barely visible in the frame and unless you have a range extender in the bottle cage, with a telltale wire hanging from the bottom, otherwise it looks almost exactly like a road bike with a carbon frame.

There will be several models available, ranging from $ 5,999 Addict eRide 30 weighing 11.9 kg (26.23 lb), to $ 9,999 Addict eRide Ultimate, weighing only 10.7 kg (23.59 lb) – almost more heavier than your average electric bike. The lightest electric motor in the world, as far as we know, is still the Freicycle with an incredible 6.87 kg (15.15 lb), and HPS Domestique still claims the lightest production motorcycle in the world with 8.5 kg (18 , 7 lb) – but these new Scots are much more powerful.

The X20 system is almost entirely hidden in the frame, with the compact 60-Nm engine living in the rear hub
The X20 system is almost entirely hidden in the frame, with the compact 60-Nm engine living in the rear hub


The Mahle X20 system will be included in other OEM motorcycles, including A hybrid of Wilier Filante.

Check out two videos below outlining the X20 system and the new Scott Addict eRide.

X20 system. A new era in the riding experience.

The new Scott Addict eRIDE, ePowered by MAHLE

Source: Mahle / Scott

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