MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – With the expiration of a draft opinion of the US Supreme Court, Rowe v. Wade and what is called the right to abortion may be banned in some states. This is a problem that many in Christian communities have been pursuing for decades. Blake Newsham of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary tells us about the general reaction of opinion from a pro-life point of view.

Guest: Yes, I would say we celebrate carefully. This is definitely my reaction. I celebrate the opportunity for the Supreme Court to overturn Rowe W. Wade. At the same time, I am cautious, realizing that the final decision is yet to be made so cautiously and festively.

Host: Why was this an issue that was important and still is important for many Christian denominations?

Guest: It is important because abortion contradicts historically established Christian beliefs. We believe that human life is a sacred gift and that human beings bear the unique image of God. So the deliberate termination of human life is wrong, and since abortion is the deliberate end of human life, we believe that abortion is wrong and contrary to God’s plan for human prosperity.

Host: Proponents of choice say that restrictions on abortion hinder personal health choices and can put women at risk. How do you respond to this argument?

Guest: Well, I would say that discussing abortion in terms of choice, to be honest with you, seems a little insincere. A woman has many choices in terms of participation and the type of activity that gives birth to children. There is abstinence, birth control and other preventive methods that can be used and then, after the baby is conceived, adoption is a choice. So I’m not against elections, I’m against choices that end human life.

Host: How to approach someone from the side of pro-choice through the prism of love, and not condemnation and condemnation?

Guest: there I have the opportunity to talk to him about Jesus. Jesus, the author of life. He offers life to all. Jesus demonstrates his love by dying as a sacrifice for the sin of all people, rising from the dead and overcoming sin and death. So I am for life and I am against abortion, and I am also for life and I want people to experience the Hope, peace, forgiveness and new life offered by Jesus.

Host: If the draft opinion returns abortion regulation to the United States, where do you see the pro-life and the movement going? Is there another goal that remains to be achieved?

Guest: Well, I would say that the ultimate goal is always to save lives, and part of that is helping people understand the problems. Honestly, I believe that at this point, if that happens, there will be a new level of work for the Pro-Life movement. The Pro Life movement is quite limited in terms of politics and laws because of Roe V Wade. So at this point, we will have to convince the legislature at the state level to pass laws protecting the unborn. So the battle will simply displace the battle.

Host: Well, we’re talking about reaching people on the Pro-choice path. How to reach them with a message of love, many people, when they receive a message of a Christian kind, react, you know they are upset?

Guest: Yes, yes, it’s true. We are often known so much for what we are against. I’m trying to formulate it in terms of just defining what an abortion is. What life is and what we talk about and do it in an honest and fair way that represents the parties honestly and fairly. And then we can talk about it and come to some logical and encouraging conclusions about what we are doing next and how we can work together on this issue.

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