The Community Attestation Service (CAS) is an open source service that helps users protect their software and is powered by Codenotary’s digital identity infrastructure.

The project allows them to create Software Specifications, notarize containers, and allow others to verify on startup, and provides a way to review the immutable history of notarized assets in immudb.

CAS stores all signatures inside immudb, the standard for open source immutable databases.

The project is also protected against forgery, as all attestation data is checked for integrity and cryptographically verified by the CAS client.

CAS is also protected against MITM attacks, as the public key is checked at each communication.

CAS can detect, authenticate and warn of any behavior that involves the use of non-authentic digital assets. CAS checking can be built anywhere and can be used to trigger signals, updates or workflows.

“Codenotary cas is a solution written by DevOps-obsessed engineers for DevOps engineers to bring better trust and security to the CloudNative source in the deployment process,” the developers behind the project wrote in the project’s GitHub. page.

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: CAS

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