Cloud Seed is a new open source project jointly developed by GitLab and Google Cloud. It allows developers to provide Google Cloud services right from the GitLab user interface.

“We believe it should be trivial to deploy web applications (and other workloads) from GitLab to major cloud providers. To support this effort, Cloud Seed makes it easy and intuitive to use relevant Google Cloud services in GitLab,” GitLab wrote in the project documentation page.

Although initially available on Google Cloud, GitLab hopes to work with every major cloud provider to extend it to those platforms as well.

GitLab users can use the interface to set up automated deployments to Google Cloud Run, and all Git commits, branches, and tags will be deployed to the correct Cloud Run environment.

It can also be used to provision Google Cloud SQL databases with support for all major versions of PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Service.

To learn more, visit Cloud Seed website.

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Cloud Seed

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