Woods Bagot and the Miller Hull Partnership have unveiled plans to expand Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with a sustainably designed new expansion, to be determined by a stunning wood interior made of Douglas fir wood.

The C Concourse extension has been designed with a lot of thought in mind to ensure that tired passengers can easily navigate around the airport. It will add 145,530 square feet (approximately 13,500 square meters) of dining and retail space, a prayer and meditation area and a new airline lounge. Its most notable feature, however, is its interior decor, which is inspired by the local area and will sculpt the Douglas fir in intricate curves, creating an eye-catching ceiling, as well as a mezzanine level and plenty of seating.

“Inspired by the Northwest Pacific, the interior of the hall is an interaction of the environment, which is determined by both local energy and the connection with the natural landscape,” said Woods Bagot. “More active public spaces are designed to reflect the textures and activities of well-known markets in Seattle and the region. The market is located in the center of the hall with a bar and pavilions that form an open seating area, which is also defined by a lively stage for local musicians. This stage faces the Grand Staircase, which provides an active connection to mezzanine-level restaurants. “

The interior of the C Concourse Expansion will be defined by the use of locally produced Douglas fir wood

Courtesy of Woods Bagot and The Miller Hull Partnership

The C Concourse extension will be owned and operated by Seattle Harbor, which aims to be the greenest port in North America. With this in mind, planned sustainable design features include a roof-based solar grid to reduce grid consumption by 15 percent, plus a focus on maximizing natural light and reducing solar heat gains with intelligent glass-based glazing. . Energy efficient heating and cooling systems will be used to maintain a comfortable temperature and water use will be reduced where possible.

Construction of the C Concourse Expansion is expected to begin in mid-2023 and will be completed in 2027. Its budget currently stands at $ 340 million, with a maximum of $ 500 million.

Sources: Wooden baguette, Miller Hull Partnership, Seattle Harbor


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