Seco and its technical partners will host the second virtual event of the company Medical Inspiration Through Innovation (ITI) on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 in German and on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 in English and Mandarin. With collaboration and innovation in mind, the event will focus on precision medical production, enabling attendees to watch demonstrations of medical implant processing and participate in discussions on the optimized process, as well as attend industry-specific seminars and presentations.


To further support healthcare providers, Seco has launched a selection of technical and educational content dedicated to real-world medical parts, such as knee and hip implants, presented at the Medical ITI events. Visitors to the Seco website will get an insight into the cutting-edge technologies, trends and personalities that are shaping the medical manufacturing industry through podcasts, videos and other content.

Seco and its partners will host the Medical ITI event virtually from their locations in Germany, the United Kingdom and Shanghai, while other markets will host physical events and gatherings around the world. Healthcare providers from around the world are encouraged to register and join live or watch the recordings of the event sessions upon request after the event.

“Our foundation of expertise is built on close real-world partnerships with global leaders in medical device manufacturing,” said Dave Todd, manager of the Innovation Center. “We are committed to developing state-of-the-art technologies, tools, strategies and component solutions to manage and develop medical manufacturing processes. ITI events allow us to share both best practices and new ideas with the industry in real time and on demand.

Seco and its technical partners look forward to expanding the ITI series with similar events for the aerospace and automotive industries later this year.

For more information and registration for Medical ITI 2022, please visit

Valuable lessons from cooperation

Inspiration through innovation is based on Seco’s global network of partners, bringing together internal expertise and external knowledge to explore problem-solving opportunities. During the ITI events, participants test the results of these innovative partnerships and discover how collaboration can help them find solutions to push their business forward. This joint approach solves current problems found in different segments of the manufacturing industry.

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