Against the background of Semicon India 2022, organized in Bengaluru on 29you April by the Ministry of Electronics and IT and the recently announced Semiconductor Ecosystem Promotion Scheme in India at a huge cost of 76,000 kroner, SEMI President and CEO Ajit Manocha met with ELCINA leaders in New Delhi to explore opportunities for cooperation to promote the semiconductor and electronics industries. The vision of industry leaders is to catalyze industry in India and support investors by ensuring that the benefits of semiconductors and other National Electronics Policy schemes are delivered to them and the goals achieved.

SEMI, headquartered in Milpitas, California, USA, is the world’s leading industry association involving semiconductor, electronics and manufacturing companies, connecting a vast global community of electronics domains serving more than 2,500 member companies and 1 , 3 million professionals worldwide.

SEMI is led by Mr. Ajit Manocha, a prominent industry leader with over 40 years of global experience in the semiconductor industry. He was previously CEO of GlobalFoundries. He has had a respectable career, taking over key responsibilities at Spansion, Philips / NXP Semiconductors after his early career success at AT&T Bell Laboratories, where he was granted several patents for research in microelectronics. Mr Manocha is active on global advocacy, supporting advances in electronics to improve global innovation, health, safety, talent and education. In 2020, the Silicon Valley Engineering Council introduced him to the Silicon Valley Engineers Hall of Fame.

The two associations agreed to promote co-operation and identify potential opportunities in the country’s upcoming semiconductor and microelectronics sector and work to realize the potential.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, President of ELCINA, expressed great enthusiasm about the prospects of SEMI and ELCINA to work together. He said “ELCINA is dedicated to servicing the production of electronics in the verticals and supporting the production of semiconductors is a matter of pride for us. Some of our long-standing members produce discrete semiconductors and devices, and our collaboration with SEMI will strengthen our efforts and enable the growth of this high-tech segment. Our strengths are complementary and this will have very encouraging results in the coming times. ELCINA can provide an interactive and vibrant platform in India to global companies represented by SEMI and hold them in their hands to successfully establish operations in India and benefit from schemes formulated by the Central and State Governments of India. We are dedicated to working to ensure a smooth and positive experience in India. ”

Mr Ajit Manocha also expressed happiness at the prospect of SEMI working with ELCINA and welcomed the strategic goal of the Government of India and the industry to become a hub for innovation in electronics and semiconductors serving the world. “The partnership with ELCINA it will benefit the whole industry, “said Mr Manocha. “Some difficult lessons have been learned from the geopolitical problems of the last 2-3 years, which have shaken the confidence of global companies.” However, he said that “India did not take advantage of the opportunities that arose, while smaller economies such as Vietnam and the Philippines managed to gain more. The new semiconductor policy announced by the Ministry of Electronics and IT is well thought out and much better aimed at catalyzing the growth of the semiconductor industry in India. We are very happy to work with ELCINA to connect the Indian industry with the global semiconductor community for mutual benefit. We will work towards common goals to support the global electronics industry and step up research and development efforts for sustainability, green electronics, public goods and skills development. “.

Dr. Ashwini Agarwal, Director, Applied Materials, spoke about the opportunities for semiconductors in India – a challenge and change and stressed “Huge potential for ELCINA to work together to promote the semiconductor industry in line with the” Manufacturing in India “capability. There was a need for a strong focus on B2B commitment and cooperation for investment and market promotion. “ said Dr. Agarwal.

Mr Amrit Manwani, Chairman of the Sahasra Group, which is setting up the first semiconductor device for packaging memory devices, was equally optimistic about the SEMI-ELCINA collaboration and the future of semiconductor production in India. “As part of the AtmaNirbhar Bharat initiative, the Indian Semiconductor Mission (ISM) will certainly be a great success and we at ELCINA will be happy to be part of this nation-building exercise.”

Key members and past presidents of ELCINA who participated included Mr. Vinod Sharma, PhD, Deki Electronics Ltd., Mr. Sanjive Narayan, Director, Syrma-SGS and Mr. Pankaj Gulati, Chief Operating Officer, CDIL . They looked forward to this close relationship with SEMI, as there was great synergy between the two associations with the potential to work together for the benefit of their respective members. Notable participating organizations in the meeting include Infineon, Corning, Tata Electronics, Seoul Semiconductors and NCFlexe, IIT Kanpur.

Speaking on behalf of ELCINA members, Raju Goel, Secretary-General, said that the comprehensive role of SEMI, covering a wide range of electronics industry, was highly synergistic with ELCINA’s future commitments to provide new opportunities for and give Indian industry opportunities. opportunity to move into the space of high technology.

SEMI & ELCINA Meet to Discuss Potential for Electronics & Semiconductor Industry

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