Today we’re going to tell you about a new brand of connected devices, SENS. SENS is the first wearable brand with 100% Made in India smart devices… entering India and looking beyond.

With a rich heritage spanning over a decade in the mobile, smartwatch, wearable and consumer durables industry, SENS is backed by the Jaina Group, which has successfully created a distinctive brand identity and driven preferences in the highly competitive Indian smart device market .

Aimed at millennials, Gen Z and anyone looking for stylish yet high-performance connected wearables, MEANING has unveiled a range of premium smartwatches, TWS earphones and neckbands that will be exclusively available on Amazon from September 23, 2022.

Currently, we are surrounded by technology everywhere, which leads to constant changes in our lifestyle. Due to the same, there is a need for products that can help us in our daily hustle and elevate our lifestyle.

Therefore, with this desire to have a better, healthier life with added convenience, we can now see how connected smart devices have gradually become a daily necessity and a part of our lives. These devices not only help us monitor our health and daily activities, but also entertain us.

The Indian market has evolved many times, driven by young millennial consumers looking for quality and uniqueness. Although there are many connected wearables on the market, the fact is that there are so many similarities between all the products that it kills the need to stick to a particular brand. The need of the hour is to find something that is feature-rich, stylish yet affordable and offers hassle-free after-sales service. To address this need gap, SENS has come up with a range of smart wearables that strike the perfect balance between SENSational and SENSible, offering the best of both worlds – functionality as well as style. All SENS products come with essential features that keep everyday needs in mind, allowing us to do more. Also, ensuring that we get value for what we buy, the products are available at affordable prices ranging between INR 699* to INR 3099*.

Today we are going to talk about two such products from their portfolio – Edyson 1, a smartwatch and MJ2, a neckband, which are fully featured and ready to disrupt the wearables and listenables market in India.

SENS Edison 1

The SENS Edyson 1 is a smartwatch that not only tracks your fitness goals, but also supports Bluetooth calling, allowing you to directly answer calls from your smartwatch after pairing it with your smartphone.

The watch comes with a 1.7-inch IPS curved display that has more than 150 watch faces. There are 11 preset sports modes to help you keep track of all your fitness goals. And for all the health conscious users out there, it also has a real-time heart rate sensor and an SpO2 sensor. Another distinguishing feature is its function to monitor the menstrual cycle of female users.

The watch also uses its Bluetooth technology to provide social media notifications so you’re always in the loop.

As battery life is a major concern for all of us, the Edyson 1 offers exceptional backup of up to 3 days of regular use and 15 days of standby. It comes with an IP68 waterproof rating to protect the watch from sweat and splashes.

With a blend of both, premium features and eye-catching aesthetics, the Edyson 1 is an ideal companion for all fitness enthusiasts.

It is available at a special starting price of INR 1,699, available exclusively on Amazon from September 23, 2022.


There are many neckbands on the market, but the SENS MJ 2 is the perfect choice for those looking for advanced connectivity and audio features.

The MJ 2 comes with three of SENS’ trademark technologies that will take your overall product experience to a whole new level. The first is AFAP™ (As Fast As Possible) charging, which offers fast charging capability to charge the device to full capacity in record time. Next comes SVVC™ (Smart Video Voice Connect), which can reduce lag and keep audio and video in smooth sync. And the third such technology is IIC™ (Intelligent Insta Connect), which will connect the neckband to your smartphone as soon as you turn it on.

It comes with 12mm dynamic drivers for superior sound quality and features ambient noise cancellation technology that blocks outside noise, improves sound quality and helps protect your ear. All this improves the overall experience and makes using the neckband more comfortable.

It is available at a special starting price of INR 1199 and will soon be available exclusively on Amazon.

There is no doubt that MEANING is aggressively trying to create a name for its products in the Indian market and considering the feature-laden products that the company has launched, they are all set to become a household name very soon.

*Prices mentioned above are special introductory prices only

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