This follows on from last year when SiFive licensed Segger’s emRun C runtime library for use in its Risc-V IDE and Tool packages.

“It was an easy decision to upgrade to emRun++ once it became available for licensing,” said SiFive Software Director Sam Grove. “As a modern programming language, C++ is becoming more and more important in the embedded system sector, offering developers more and more opportunities. It is essential for SiFive to be able to offer a state-of-the-art C++ library to our customers. emRun++ is perfectly suited for this purpose.”

emRun++, Segger claims, allows hard real-time applications to be written in C++. To avoid overhead associated with exceptions on resource-constrained hardware, the C++ library is available in a “no-throw” configuration. “Interrupt-safe” memory management allows the use of C++ in interrupt routines.

Inside emRun++ is a C++17 standard library with standard algorithms (sort, search, transforms), common container patterns (such as sets, vectors, lists, queues, stacks, maps), function objects, iterators, localization, strings, streams and useful functions.

SiFive has licenses C++ library for Risc-V

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