After much waiting and speculation, it looks like Silent Hill is back! Konami has announced that it will be holding a Silent Hill demo next Wednesday, October 19 at 6:00 PM PT. The purpose of the event is to “bring updates to the franchise.” After several years in obscurity, fans are looking forward to this event with high expectations.

Silent Hill 2 Remake and more games to come

Unfortunately, the company did not provide any details about the event. However, fans are hoping to see new entries for consoles. In fact, there are countless rumors pointing to new games. Recently, several leaks have suggested a remake of Silent Hill 2. Apparently, this project has been in development by The Bloober Team. For those who don’t know, it’s the studio behind horror games like The Medium and the Layers of the Fear franchise.

In addition, the company recently registered the name “Silent Hill: The Short Message” in Korea. According to enthusiasts, this could refer to a potential mobile game for the franchise. Considering Konami’s recent foray into mobile, gacha and Pachinko, it makes sense that they would release a mobile game in the series. However, most of the expectations are for a new console game.

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Apart from the projects mentioned, there are some rumors of a game in the franchise being developed by Sony for the PS5. This game will be exclusive to the console and comes through a licensing partnership. This game can even be considered Hideo Kojima’s expertise. To recall, Hideo Kojima was behind “PT” or “Silent Hills” along with film legend Guillermo Del Toro. The legendary demo was revealed for PS4 to reveal Silent Hills with Norman Reedus. Unfortunately, Kojima and Konami ended their long partnership after numerous restrictions. The publisher then decided to cancel the game.

Recently, Christoph Gans, director of Silent Hill (2006), said that Konami was developing “several games” for the franchise. According to him, these games have nothing to do with Hideo Kojima.

PT – The Glorious Comeback That Never Was

The gaming community is still hurting after PT’s cancellation. Recall that this was a promising project that had Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro at the helm, as well as Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. The marketing for this game was brilliant – the company simply released a “Gameplay Teaser” on the PS Store. Players downloaded and had to find their way through a mysterious house full of scary elements and a ghost woman chasing them.

Silent Hills

After clearing the demo, players finally discovered the true nature of the game – the playable teaser was Silent Hills. Now fans are dreaming of a game that can deliver, or at least deliver, the same chilling experience that PT promised.

Silent Hill returns! New showcase scheduled for Wednesday

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