It was a sad day in Oakland for lovers of Danish pastries and cookies, as a bakery called Taste of Denmark (formerly Neldam’s) closed its doors on Sunday after 93 years on Telegraph Avenue. Customers mourned the closing and wondered where they would go now for their loved ones. We’ve got some cute ideas, so read on. (Did we miss your favorite Danish or old-school bakery? Let us know via the comment box at the end of the article and we’ll add them to the list.)

Alpine pastries and cakes: A classic bakery makes danish every day in four flavors – apple, apricot, cream and raspberry. 1848 Willow Pass Road, Concord;

Andersen Bakery and Cafe: This mall favorite bakes Cheese Danishes, Raspberry Cream Cheese Danishes, Blueberry and Mango Coconut Cookies, and more. Locations in Stoneridge (Pleasanton), Great Mall (Milpitas), Oakridge (San Jose), Hillsdale (San Mateo), Union Landing (Union City) and San Francisco (Japantown, Fox Plaza).

Anna’s Danish Cookies: Founded in San Francisco in 1935, Anna’s company still bakes these butter cookies in the Bay Area. Available by mail order and in select markets, Draeger’s (San Mateo) and Bi-Rite (San Francisco). 650-373-2662;

Copenhagen Bakery and Cafe: It’s the Danish peninsula in several flavors – apple, cheese, cherry, cinnamon, cream, lemon, poppy seed and raspberry. Look for Danish Butterscotch trays and boxes this coming holiday season. 1216 Burlingame Ave., Burlingame;

Peters Bakery: This retro, full-service bakery offers danishes in several flavors — apricot, baby boy, cream, pineapple — plus bear claws, croissants, figure eights and coffee cakes. 3108 Alum Rock Ave., San Jose;

With Taste of Denmark closed, here are 5 Bay Area bakeries for your Danish fix

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