Apple has reportedly increased its AI efforts. Now testing new natural language generation features for Siri. The language, codenamed “Bobcat,” is being tested starting with the latest tvOS 16.4 beta. And now that Apple is done with the testing phase, its voice assistant may soon get improved capabilities.

The thing is, Google and Microsoft have started incorporating more and more smart technologies into their product offerings. Well, thanks to OpenAI, everyone is getting into natural language generation models. And it looks like Apple doesn’t want to let go, which is why it’s currently focusing on Siri.

More about Siri’s language generation features

In the latest tvOS 16.4 beta, Apple introduced a new framework. It is called “Siri Natural Language Generation”. The name suggests that Apple will improve the capabilities of the voice assistant. At this point, the framework only allows the voice assistant to tell jokes on the Apple TV.

But Apple is currently working on ways to make language generation usable for timers as well. tvOS now powers more than just Apple TV. Also present in HomePod. But Siri’s new language generation features are only available on Apple TV.

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However, according to 9to5Mac, the code for these features is included in other products. This includes the iPad, iPhone, Mac, and of course the HomePod. It’s just the fact that Apple isn’t enabling the new Siri features on products other than the Apple TV.

Hey Siri

Now, you should note that Apple is not technically developing a chatbot that is like ChatGPT. Yes, natural language generation features for Siri show it. But Apple is likely focusing on improving the voice assistant. In fact, Mark German even confirmed that Apple is not actively working on a competitor to ChatGPT.

Siri Natural Language Generation Framework – Apple’s Next Big Thing?

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