Chinese hi-fi brand Sivga Audio has announced its latest headphones in SV023, which strive to produce high quality sound at an affordable price.

Sivga describes the look of the headphones as simple and modest, but every headset that uses wood in its construction gets our voice, SV023 uses walnut wood to give the headphones a high quality and smooth feel.

In the middle of the headset there is a CNC machined metal aluminum ring and a stainless steel mesh with the color of a cannon to increase the feeling of layering in the sound of the headphones. Inside the handset is a large 50 mm dynamic driver made of LCP composite diaphragm covered with beryllium material to help create “strong dynamics, high precision and wide expansion” of the SV023 sound scene.

More audio features include plenty of well-controlled bass, a mid-range that includes warm vocals (using walnut will probably help here) and a treble response that transmits naturally.

Sivga SV023 detail up close

Weighing 318 g, the headband is ergonomically designed to relieve pressure on the head and provide comfort for longer periods of wear, with large high-protein ear pads shaped along the contours of the head for good sealing and reduced leakage. sound. The small, perforated air vents cut out on the sides of the ear pads are said to provide good breathing in terms of comfort and volume control of the SV023, although Sivga does not describe how.

Like the company’s other headphones, the Sivga SV023 comes with a 2m 6N OCC cable that is designed to be difficult to tangle and “ensures loss of signal transmission” along its entire length. The cable ends with a 4.4 mm connector, but there is also a 3.5 mm adapter and an adapter from 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm, added for good measure.

Other details include a frequency response from 20Hz to 40kHz (covering Hi-Res Audio compatibility), a sensitivity of 105dB and a specified impedance of 300ohm, so a headphone amplifier is probably needed to power these headphones.

We’ve reviewed a few of Sivga’s headphones and think they offer sliding audio performance and great aesthetics. The Sivga SV023 is now available for $ 449 / £ 449 / € 449.

The Sivga SV023 are over-ear headphones made from wood

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