As telecommuting has become the predominant way to do things since the coronavirus pandemic, Slack has become a widely used communication tool. It has become a major tool for collaboration between different teams in the company, as well as with customers and suppliers.

But these communication tools also come with many repetitive and everyday tasks and are still unavoidable. Most employees do this reflexively, without putting too much effort. Automating these actions can help them focus on things that require more than their skills. Slack bots can make life easier and optimize your workspace.

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What are Slack bots?

Bots are a great way to automate tasks. Different bots for different channels perform tasks that would otherwise take too much time for the company. Several companies that use Slack have created their own slack bots. These bots cover a wide range of activities, including something as simple as sending a GIF to display data graphs.

Advantages of Slack bots

Slack bots can help reduce the number of tasks a team will have to complete. They can send reminders to a team via the shared channel and via instant messaging. Bots can also provide personalized answers to frequently asked questions. Slack bots can also be programmed to respond with phrases and image links for specific words used in channels and instant messages.

How do I add a bot to Slack?

Adding a bot to slack is an easy process. One method is to mention the bot in the message box of the channel you need. The @ symbol must be placed in front of the bot’s name when entered into the channel. “Not in channel” notification is displayed. The message still needs to be sent to the channel, which triggers a pop-up dialog box. This field will allow the bot user to be invited to the channel. The “invite to channel” button should be clicked and ready.

There is another way to add the bot to the Slack channel. There is a falling field at the top of the canal. Under the “Skip to” option, the “Start at” option must be selected. A notification with the “Add application” option appears. You can search for the bot or application and add it to the channel.

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Are Slack bots free?

Slack bots can be both free and paid. Companies create weak bots that can be used by other users and companies. Some bot developers leave them free. Other, more sophisticated bots may come with subscriptions. Companies can decide whether they want to create their own bots or want to use those that are already developed and meet their needs.

How do I activate Slack bots?

To activate weak bots, a bot user must be created. In the settings menu there is an option for bot users where it can be added. When you click the “Add bot user” option, various options are displayed, such as display name, default user name, and bot display option as always online. Once these details have been filled in and it is clear what options to activate, you must click Add bot user and the changes must be saved. Weak bots are ready to go!

How to create your own Slack bot?

Once a weak application has been created or has already been selected, the OAuth and Permissions section must be selected. This particular section is present in the left sidebar. There is an option called “bot token ranges”. With this option, all required ranges can be selected. Once this is done, you need to click the “Add OAuth Range” button. The slack bot can be found when clicking the App Home tab. It is usually in the left sidebar along with the bot user and the selected configuration.

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The best Slack bots to add your workspace

Choosing the right weak bots is important for any workspace. If a company needs a bot for work and project management, the Paymo slack bot is one of the better choices. Offers options for planning and planning work related to the team. It can be used to track working hours and create the necessary tasks and files for the project. bot can be used to manage daily tasks. The bot does not require commands. Instead, the bot can be asked appropriate questions and the bot will help the user ensure that he stays on track with the tasks.

If a team needs to include a new member, they don’t have to waste valuable time going through everything. Instead, the Donut bot can provide new members with all the information they need, including an introduction to the work culture and policies of the company, and so on.

Statsbot can be used for teams that require regular data updates. The bot provides updates on the metrics the team is working on, taking information from other tools such as Google Analytics and Mixpanel, among others.

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Slack bots are great options that help teams work efficiently. There are various weak bots that companies can add to their channels to perform multiple tasks. They help free up a lot of time for employees to perform more important tasks that require their full attention.

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