Slack and Trello are two software management tools that are taking over the world today. Although both applications are used to manage projects or workflows, they do not serve the same functions. Trello makes it easy for teams to organize projects; Slack is more of an instant messaging app with certain task management features. We’ll take a look at the features of Slack vs. Trello to help you understand how these great apps are arranged and what’s best for your business.

Slack Vs. Trello: How are they different?

According to the developers, Slack helps to consolidate all your communication (messages, files, Twitter, Google Docs, etc.) in one place, where it can be instantly searched and accessible wherever you go. Trello, on the other hand, is described as your whole project at a glance, indicating what is being worked on, who is working on what, and where something is in progress.

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Head to Head Trello Slack Comparison

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Atlassian Corporation Plc


Open source, offering basic functionality for free.

The paid version provides advanced features to the user

Open source, offering basic functionality for free.

The paid version provides advanced features

Cloud support

Supports cloud integration and provides a cloud-hosted environment

Supports cloud integration and provides a cloud-hosted environment

Other system support

Supports multiple devices and can be accessed via iOS or Android app, or computers, laptops

Support for and access multiple devices via the iOS or Android app

Integration partners

The total number of integration partners is over 50

The number of integration partners is close to 30.


It is mainly used as a channel for team communication

It is mainly used for project management


Simple, user-friendly interface

Clean interface containing lists, dashboards and maps

Slack’s market share against Trello

According to a Slintel By comparison, Slack has a 26.76% market share in the performance tools category, while Trello has a 1.61% market share in the same market space.

Features overview


Trello is a very popular workflow management system or collaboration tool that allows teams to easily check who’s doing what and when to complete a task without having to switch from one application to another. Kanban card boards make it easy to organize tasks and add color-coded labels for quick viewing. Tello facilitates teamwork, using boards, maps and lists to prioritize projects.

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Key features of Trello

  • Map archive
  • Drag and drop Edit
  • Views suitable for mobile devices
  • Deadline notifications
  • Developer API
  • Progress checklist
  • Attachment
  • Edit line


  • Easy to use
  • Free plans
  • Immediate notifications
  • Problem-free project management
  • Ability to customize
  • Convenient for mobile devices

Weight loss

Slack is a communication champion who replaces email, text messaging for a team with something faster, more organized and reliable. Slack allows you to gather all your business communication in one place to make it easier to stay organized and make decisions faster. With the groin, communication is stress-free, where you can search for everything you need without having to bother with email strings looking for who said what and when.

Key features of Slack

  • Instant messaging
  • Creating channels
  • Slack content
  • Accessibility
  • Voice and video calls


  • Notification function
  • Data security
  • Easy to use
  • Effective image transfer
  • Fully working mobile application

Compare free Slack vs. Trello plans

Both Trello and Slack have free plans that offer basic functionality.

Trello has a forever free plan that includes some standard small-scale project management features.

If you have a free Slack subscription, you can access the latest 10,000 messages. You can use it for as long as you want and invite any number of members.


Trello pricing

There are four Trello plans, including

  • Free – $ 0. For individuals or teams who want to manage teams and collaborate
  • Standard – $ 5. For teams that want to manage more work and scale collaboration
  • Premium – $ 10. For companies that want to use it for teams of up to 100 people
  • Enterprise – $ 17.50. For companies that want to work and connect between teams with increased security and control.

Poor pricing

  • Free – $ 0. The fastest and easiest way to use Slack
  • Professional – $ 6.67. for small teams that want better cooperation
  • Business + – $ 12.50. for businesses that want to increase productivity and keep teams connected.
  • Enterprise Grid – for demanding businesses that require flexibility to meet the requirements

User interface

The Slack desktop application is built using the Electron or Atom shell for a faster and superior user experience. You can join a workspace by simply entering the name you were invited to and you’re set up right away. The sidebar displays key information such as mentions, reactions, people, files – where all this can be coordinated in manageable sections in the sidebar.

The Trello user interface is easy to navigate for project management. You can easily add, move or edit lists and maps. The settings, profile, maps, activity, shortcuts, etc. are displayed in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Shortcuts and productivity

With Trello you can increase your personal productivity and make it easier to bookmark tasks. Boards, lists and maps allow teams to move from ideas to action in seconds.

Slack keyboard shortcuts allow users to move quickly. They include:

Top – Edit the last message.

Ctrl + B and Ctrl + I – Underline messages.

V and M – Switch call functions.

Shift + Enter – Brand new line.

Ctrl + F and Ctrl + G – Search

Ctrl + U – Upload file.

Ctrl + N – Start a new message

Teams using Slack are reported to be experiencing shorter sales cycles, increased potential deals and faster internal response times.

Bots and workflows

While integrating Trello with Slack, you need to add the bot to your slack channels. Then attach and create Trello cards directly from the channels.

Enter / invite @Trello in the message field of the desired channel and send the message.


You do not need to switch between tabs to use Trello integration with Slack. Just enter the commands in your Slack message box and watch as they are sent to your Trello board.

Security and compliance

The security and compliance features available are:

  • Manage data loss prevention
  • Manage exports and compliance history
  • Keep track of events
  • Synchronization of SSO and AD
  • Manage employees’ mobile devices
  • Identify and address malware, bad connections and IP addresses

Slack vs. Trello – Which Workstream Collaboration Product is Best for Your Business?

Depending on how you run your business, you may find that Slack or Trello are better suited to your needs. Using the two together is best to get the most out of Trello and Slack.

If you want an easy way to manage tasks and simple projects, Trello is best for your needs. Choose from templates for different workflows such as content writing, podcast or video production, sales pipelines, wedding planning, etc.

If you need instant messaging software to improve communication, then Slack would be the best choice.

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Can you use Slack and Trello together?

Why choose between Slack and Trello when you can have the best of both worlds, right? Fortunately, this is possible. Trello allows comments and mentions, but is not an ideal tool for quick communication when used alone. Similarly, Slack is ideal for instant messaging, but other than the / remind command, it doesn’t have many task management options.

There are two ways to use Trello and Slack in harmony –

  • Slack Power-Up in Trello: allows the user to control the control from Trello
  • The Trello for Slack app: allows users to manage from Slack

As you can see, both tools have an amazing set of features useful for team management and business collaboration. You can choose one or the other based on your specific business needs and the nature of your task.

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