Snap’s new flying camera, the $ 230 Pixy drone, went on sale last week, but the earliest buyers were told they would have to wait three months to receive the gadget. Now we think the company hasn’t done enough because Snap has extended Pixy’s delivery time to four months, according to the drone’s website.

Does that mean Pixy is selling well? It’s possible, but it seems more likely that Snap won’t do so much in the first place. Snap lost nearly $ 40 million in the past when it made too many pairs of its glasses, but Snap CEO Evan Spiegel offered to On the edge before launching Pixy, Snap underestimated how many Pixys it needed and did few this time around. “Honestly, looking back, we probably should have done more,” Spiegel told us.

As a result, people who buy a Pixy drone will have to wait. Even the first people to buy Pixy on the first day will not see their drone for weeks, Snap spokesman Chloe Keusder confirmed in an email.

This will come as no surprise to buyers: Snap’s website always showed an 11- to 12-week delivery window on the launch date, April 28. But if you buy one today, you will now have a longer waiting time of 15 to 16 weeks. However, Snap does not wait for orders before making each drone; Pixy is not made to order, says Keusder On the edge. So somewhere there is at least a small stock that takes several months to get to your door.

How small? Snap refused to tell us how many drones he made. So we can’t begin to guess how popular Pixy can be.

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