Snow software‘s Snow Commander The product is designed to help organizations improve their cloud travel while expanding into hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Digital transformation is still a critical initiative for many businesses. According to a report from Snow94% of IT decision-makers said the pace of digital transformation has increased dramatically in the last year, and many of their organizations have increased total cloud spending during that time. However, 71% of these IT decision-makers say they struggle to provide new solutions and keep up with the pace of innovation needed to stay competitive in today’s business landscape.

To meet the challenges of cloud infrastructure facing IT leaders, Snow has made several improvements to Snow Commander, a dynamic hybrid cloud management solution that uses automation to provide business flexibility, oversight and operational efficiency. With Snow Commander, businesses and service providers can simplify hybrid and multi-cloud management by streamlining IT services. Snow Commander offers the necessary flexibility to enable users to consume the cloud resources they need when they need them, providing users with a fast self-service way to access both public and private clouds, while maintains the oversight needed to allow direct consumption of resources by cloud providers.

“Most organizations have a cloud strategy, but as they continue their cloud travel, these businesses face a myriad of cloud and infrastructure management challenges, including the proliferation of cloud technologies, leading to increasingly complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments. To fully realize the benefits of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, organizations need a way to simplify the use of these new cloud services, ”said Sanjay Castelino, Snow’s Chief Product Officer and Customer Director. “Organizations are using Snow Commander to provide this simplification and provide the management and visibility needed to securely embrace and expand the use of cloud technologies so that they can innovate and be competitive in today’s ever-changing landscape.”

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Snow Software Adds New Capabilities For Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

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