The MVS service helps customers identify vulnerabilities and strengthens the Socura SOC

Sokura, a UK-based threat detection and mitigation specialist, today announced the launch of its new Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS) service. Socura’s MVS service is designed to help customers identify potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across all on-premise and off-premise systems, including their local network, cloud applications, web applications and mobile devices. This allows them to prioritize their remediation efforts, maintain compliance with cybersecurity regulations, and be more proactive in resolving security issues. The service offers continuous vulnerability identification and mitigation, can run on demand or on a schedule, and will help Socura’s SOC team limit the success of attempted cyber attacks.

Features of Socura’s MVS service include:

  • Continuous vulnerability scanning and management
  • Discovery of new assets in the IT sphere
  • Monthly vulnerability reports
  • Identify and assess vulnerabilities, including any threats that may exploit them
  • Actionable insights from Socura’s expert SOC analysis team

MVS is available immediately, with customers choosing from two levels of service. As a standard service, Socura will implement the vulnerability scanning platform for customers – including setup, management, integration, scanning and regular reporting. The Advanced MVS service also includes evaluation of MVS scan results by Socura’s SOC team. The insights provided by MVS will strengthen Socura’s SOC capabilities, giving more context to Socura analysts who will use this knowledge to better protect customer environments and prioritize efforts to reduce the attack surface. With the advanced MVS service, customers receive a complete breakdown and prioritization of vulnerabilities, analysis of their potential impact, as well as actionable insights into the defense efforts of internal teams.

“Our MVS service enables our customers to be more focused when protecting their IT assets, allowing them to focus their efforts on areas that will make the biggest difference,” said Socura CEO, Andrew Case. “Data from our MVS tools will also feed into the SOC to help our team understand customers’ potential weaknesses, how to mitigate them and ultimately ensure they are well protected. This is more important than ever, as vulnerabilities evolve all the time as systems are updated and new attack techniques become available.”

About Sokura

Socura offers a 24/7 managed threat detection and response service through its nationally distributed SOC team based in the UK. The service acts as a reliable extension of customers’ internal capabilities, ensuring rapid detection and mitigation of cyber threats.

Socura helps make the digital world a safer place for its customers and changes the way organizations think about cybersecurity. It combines technical expertise and industry experience with a people-centric approach to security. Socura has innovation in its DNA and pushes the boundaries to deliver high-value cybersecurity services to clients.

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Socura releases Managed Vulnerability Scanning service

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