The NXP Semiconductors Voice Intelligent Technology Library (VIT) is a local voice management software package with an additional online learning tool. Based on in-depth training and speech recognition, the library provides a far-field audio front end that supports up to three microphones, an always-on wake-up engine, and a voice command engine.

The VIT online tool allows customers to define wake-up calls and voice commands themselves, using simple text input, eliminating the need for voice recording speed. Other library features include:

  • Support for different microphone topologies (no adjustment required)
  • Large dictionary for modeling text available
  • Voice activity detection to minimize processing load during quiet speechless periods
  • Support in English and Chinese

For use with supported NXP devices, VIT software streamlines the implementation of reliable device voice control by providing a flexible software solution that can be customized for specific applications. Available on several device platforms, including those based on the Arm Cortex-M7, Arm Cortex-M33, Cadence Xtensa HiFi 4 and Cadence Fusion F1 cores.

The free VIT software is delivered as a ready-to-use library in the MCUXpresso SDK, an open source software development kit. The online learning tool is available here.

VIT library product page

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