The pre-order for the Sony PS5 starts today in India at 12 noon. Both standard and digital editions were provided through Amazon India, Flipkart, ShopatSC, Vijay Sales and others. The PS5 game console went out of stock seconds after the pre-order was launched. Some users have been able to book gaming consoles in advance, while others have failed to do so. Recovery of Sony PS5 stock in India: Pre-order for PlayStation 5 will start today at 12 noon.

Frustrated by the unsuccessful PS5 reservation, several users in India complained about it on Twitter.

One user tweeted: “There seems to be a big scam with sales of # PS5 in India. No matter how hard you try, you just don’t get the slot. But after a while the console is available for sale on the black market for a higher price. What’s up, @PlayStationIN? # ps5India. “

Another user wrote: “@Sony even today I failed to pre-order PS5 in India, my life no longer has meaning, goodbye.”

A user responded to another PS5 user who successfully pre-ordered the console: “How? I tried to get the message up for a moment, but it said it wasn’t available. Is he lucky at this moment?

The Sony Center website shows a “404 page not found” on the PS5 page. The Flipkart PS5 page also shows “Out of stock”. Customers who successfully book the console can be notified of the PS5’s delivery date. PS5 fans who cannot pre-order will have to wait until the next availability is announced.

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