The Sony PlayStation 5 will be available for pre-booking in India again on May 13, 2022. The recovery of the PS5 in India has been announced on the Sony Center website. Customers will be able to touch the game console via Amazon, Flipkart, GamesTheShop, Vijay Sales, Croma, ShopatSC, etc. Like last month, Sony will offer the Gran Turismo 7 package with the standard PS5 for Rs 54,990. Sony PS5 stock recovery in India: The gaming console will be available for pre-order today; Here’s how to book it in advance.

If customers are not interested in the GT 7 game, they will also be able to choose only the game console. The digital edition of the PS5 costs 39,990 rupees. The PS5 recovery will be available through all of the aforementioned retail websites at 12 noon. Will be available in limited quantities. As such, expect the units to sell out in minutes.

Sony PS5 (Photos: ShopatSC)

Users can use multiple sites and save their payment information in advance to increase their chances of successfully pre-booking the console. Customers should also beware of fake websites and scams that are presented to other retailers, as there are several cases of buyers being deceived online.

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