ICE Cleaning, a specialized cleaning company, provides high efficiency fire damage cleaning services nationwide. They understand the subtleties and complexities required for this type of work and use their experience to provide excellent solutions for their clients.

Here they look at how specialized fire cleaning is important in production facilities to help you recover and work as quickly as possible.

Safety issues

Before performing work, cleaning technicians will perform a detailed risk assessment to identify any hazards or problems on site. This will also give them an idea of ​​the amount of work and the type of equipment required.

Damage from smoke from fires, whether in the form of second and third smoke or soot and ash, is something that must be taken seriously. The health risks are very strong and all necessary steps must be taken to protect the safety of all parties.

Specialized solutions

Cleaning experts will have specialized knowledge of the consequences of fire damage and how to treat it properly so that you can return to a new and safe state of the workplace.

This experience, combined with their extensive experience, means that they will work efficiently and safely to deal with current fire damage. The team will be able to deal with fire damage in all different environments, which may be necessary if the damage is significant.

You can also feel reassured because professionals are involved in in-depth health and safety training to perform this type of work and understand the nature of the hazards present in this type of work.

Equipment damage

Fire damage can cause irreparable damage to equipment used during production operations, which can cost you a lot if it needs to be replaced. Often this machine is specialized and therefore expensive to buy.

However, if the fire damage is severe, you may have no choice but to replace equipment that cannot be repaired. Specialized cleaners will be able to clean tools in some circumstances to help repair the damage, which can save you money.

If you are a victim of a fire, you may no longer be able to store products in your facility. The sooner you hire cleaning experts to make the area safe again, the faster the products can be stored in the building again.

It may be necessary to move products to a safer place after a fire, although some products may not be saved. It is your responsibility to check what is viable or not from the other elements.


You can learn more about ICE Cleaning services on them website here.

Specialist Fire Damage Cleaning in Manufacturing Facilities

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