Large and small companies are committed to supporting key open source software projects following high-profile vulnerabilities such as Log4j. Cardiac bleedingand Shellshock.

Although most software today is based on open source projects, their developers and maintainers are often unpaid volunteers working in their spare time. For example, Apache’s Logging Services team of 16 unpaid volunteers is responsible for maintaining the popular Log4j registration framework, which was recently the subject of a major vulnerability.

Researchers at Harvard University recently published a census of free open source software (FOSS) to help the industry better decide which projects need the most support and protect themselves from high-profile but financial support vulnerabilities. for these projects is slow. to follow.

Spotify has launched a fund for free open source software

In April, Swedish streaming giant Spotify launched a free open source software fund worth 100,000 euros ($ 105,000) to help support independent projects nominated by Spotify’s R&D engineers.

“We will focus on projects that are independent, actively maintained and consistent with the values ​​of our company. These will be projects we can be proud to support and where we believe our support can make the most significant and impactful difference, ”said Per Plug, Spotify’s open source technology manager. wrote in a blog post. The projects will be nominated by developers, engineers, researchers and Spotify data specialists, then selected by a fund committee and announced later in May.

“I want to emphasize this [€100,000] is only a starting amount “, writes Plow. “Just like with any new program, we want to test and validate before implementing more widely. We use this initial amount to help us learn what kind of impact we can have. “

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