A new range of stainless steel anti-vibration mounts is available. The design reduces the potential for corrosion and increases durability for OEMs and end users operating in harsh environments or requiring longer life. Stands are easily installed or retrofitted for applications up to 190.5 kg maximum compressive load.

Mounts can be added to vibrating equipment, such as machinery, engines or generators, to absorb vibrations. This can significantly reduce noise for machine operators and people in the environment. Because mounts reduce vibration, they can extend the life of the machine, reducing wear and tear and reducing maintenance requirements. Efficiency and productivity can also increase.

The mounts consist of a rubber cylinder and can be mounted using a threaded shaft or threaded insert. For mounting flexibility, a rubber head option can be used as a stop for perpendicular mounting. A design covered with a stainless steel disc on both ends can be used for parallel mounting.


Stainless steel increases mount durability

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