STMicroelectronics NV announces full details of its share repurchase program (the ‘Program’), announced in a press release of 1 July 2021. The program was approved by a shareholder decision of 27 May 2021 and by the supervisory board.

STMicroelectronics NV announces the repurchase (by a broker acting on behalf of the Company) on the regulated market of Euronext Paris between May 16, 2022 and May 20, 2022 (the “Period”) of 275,446 ordinary shares 0.03% of its issued share capital) at a weighted average purchase price per share of EUR 37.5440 and for a total price of EUR 10,341,355.59.
The following is a summary of the repurchase transactions carried out during the STM Ordinary Shares Period in detail.

Transactions in the period

Transaction dates Number of shares purchased Weighted average purchase price per share (EUR) Total amount paid (EUR) Market where the shares were purchased (MIC code)
May 16-22 55,522 th most common 37.4456 2,079,054.60 XPAR
May 17-22 55,026 th most common 38.1124 2,097,172.92 XPAR
May 18-22 55,605 th most common 37.7898 2,101,301.83 XPAR
May 19-22 54,715 th most common 36.9114 2,019,607.25 XPAR
May 20-22 54 578 37.4550 2,044,218.99 XPAR
Total for the period 75,446 th most common 37.5440 10,341,355.59

Following the share repurchase described above, the Company owns a total of 8,319,382 treasury shares, representing approximately 0.9% of the Company’s issued share capital.
In accordance with Article 5 (1) (b) of Regulation (EU) 596/2014 (Market Abuse Regulation) and Article 2 (3) of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052, a full breakdown of the individual transactions in The program is announced on the ST website.

STMicroelectronics Announces Status of Common Share Repurchase Program

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