STMicroelectronics has revealed that it supplies silicon carbide (SiC) technology to eMPack (EV) power vehicle power supply modules from Semikron, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power modules and systems.

This is the result of four years of technical collaboration between the two companies to design ST’s advanced SiC power semiconductors for superior efficiency and performance comparable in the industry to more compact systems. SiC is fast becoming the preferred energy technology of the automotive industry for EV traction drives, contributing to greater range and reliability. Semikron recently announced that it has secured a multibillion-euro contract to supply their innovative eMPack power supplies to a major German carmaker starting in 2025.

Industry-leading production capabilities of ST SiC devices and extensive experience with technology have allowed us to integrate these cutting-edge semiconductors with our advanced manufacturing processes that increase reliability, power density and scalability to meet the needs of the automotive industry.“Said Karl-Heinz Gaubac, CEO of Semikron and Chief Technical Officer (CTO). “As we now move to large-scale production, our cooperation with ST guarantees a stable supply chain that provides control over the quality and efficiency of supply.

Using our SiC technology, Semikron’s advanced scalable eMPack family of power supply modules is ready to make a significant contribution to zero-emission vehicles“Said Edoardo Merley, general manager of the Power Transistor subgroup and executive vice president of STMicroelectronics. “In addition to its transformative effect in e-mobility, our SiC technology, now in its third generation, leads to increased efficiency, productivity and reliability in sustainable energy and industrial power control applications

Advanced third generation ST SiC technology provides industry-leading process stability and performance. Engineers from ST and Semikron have collaborated to integrate advanced STPOWER SiC MOSFETs, which control power switching in the main EV traction inverter, with Semikron’s innovative assembly process, a fully sintered direct extrusion matrix (DPD). DPD improves the performance and reliability of the module and allows cost-effective scaling of power and voltage. Taking advantage of ST’s SiC MOSFETs delivered as dice, Semikron has created 750V and 1200V eMPack platforms addressing applications from 100kW to 750kW and battery systems from 400V to 800V.

ST has an extensive portfolio of STPOWER SiC MOSFETs currently in production. They are available in standard power packs or as dice, which are optimal for advanced modules where high power density processing is a key requirement. Please contact your local ST sales representative for samples and price requests.

STMicroelectronics Cooperates with Semikron to Integrate Silicon-Carbide Power Technology

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