STMicroelectronics today publishes its 25th Annual Sustainability Report, which details the performance and achievements of 2021. In collaboration with clients and partners, ST is developing innovative technologies that make an important contribution to meeting the global environmental and social challenges of today.

“This is our 25th annual report, an important milestone after ST’s pioneering efforts in this area. In 2021, we continued to achieve strong results on all key sustainability indicators, including the first steps on our path to carbon neutrality in 2027. We are determined to continue to do more and accelerate our overall sustainability efforts to create sustainable technology. world, in a sustainable way and to generate long-term value for our people and all stakeholders “, said Jean-Marc CherryPresident and CEO, STMicroelectronics.

In 2021, ST is actively working, through a collaborative approach, on its commitments and sustainability programs to create a healthier, safer and more inclusive environment for people and communities and to create profitable growth. ST’s ongoing efforts in many areas, detailed in this report, were recognized again in 2021 by inclusion in the DJSI World and Europe indices, as well as in other key ESG rankings and international certificates.

Sustainable technology
ST technologies and products allow their customers to enhance sustainability and take advantage of opportunities by continuously improving the company’s social and environmental footprint at every stage of the product life cycle (Sustainable technology). in 2021:

  • 69% of new products were identified as responsible (responsible sources, ecodesign, improved EHS manufacturing standards, responsible products and applications) (compared to 63% in 2020).
  • 20% of total revenues came from responsible products (compared to 18.5% in 2020).
  • 37% of sales come from products that aim to significantly reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) throughout the product life cycle according to the EU’s taxonomy standard.

Sustainable way
In December 2020, ST is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2027 (Energy and climate change) and remains on track to achieve this goal, working actively in 2021 to reduce the environmental footprint:

  • Reduction of GHG emissions by 34% compared to 2018 in absolute terms, despite the continued expansion of ST’s production capacity.
  • Increasing the supply of electricity from renewable sources to more than 50% (against 43% in 2020)
  • Reduced water consumption by 16% (compared to 2020 per production unit)
  • Reuse, recover or recycle 90% of the company’s waste (compared to 88% in 2020).

2021 was a year that continued to be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and ST maintained its support for its 48,000 employees worldwide, while investing in security, diversity, justice and inclusion (Diversity, justice and inclusion):

  • It continues to apply the strictest measures to protect the health and safety of employees who have worked at ST sites to ensure the continuity of operations, in accordance with global and local regulations.
  • Reduces the registered percentage of cases (injuries related to the work of 100 employees per year) with a record score of 0.12 (0.14 in 2020), which is among the best in class.
  • It has reached the target of recruiting 30% of women for vacancies for the first time, but progress still needs to be made to reach the 2025 target of 20% of women at all levels of government.
  • Increase the assessment of employee engagement in 2021, with 83% of employees recommending ST as a great place to work (+2 points for 2020).

Sustainable company
ST continues to create a funnel of innovation and talent in its ecosystems and communities and with academic, private and public partners. This collaborative approach to profitable growth allows the development of market-leading ST products and solutions, enabling the company’s customers to meet tomorrow’s challenges and stimulate their future growth:

  • It invests 13.5% of revenue ($ 1.72 billion) in R&D in support of innovation.
  • It continues to invest in research and development and open innovation with a network that now includes 187 active academic and private partnerships around the world to build the future.
  • 330 STEM events and initiatives reached over 69,000 students and teachers from the company’s STEM your way program (Community and education).

The 25th Annual Report highlights and details ST’s performance in the field of sustainability in 2021 and presents the company’s ambitions and long-term goals in line with both the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals and the initiative. for science-based purposes> (SBTi). It is in line with the Global Reporting Standards (GRI), the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Working Party on Climate Financial Disclosures (TCFD). A third party has verified this report.

STMicroelectronics Publishes 25th Annual Sustainability Report

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