Warning: Spoilers for previous seasons of Stranger Things are coming.

The fourth season of Strange things is just days away and fans have literally been waiting for years to see what will happen to Eleven, Hopper, Joyce and others. Season 3 ended in 2019, in the days before the pandemic, which now seem difficult to recall. Prior to the pandemic, Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer signed a multi-year film and series contract with Netflix and promised two more seasons of the show. (If you just can’t wait, ours Season 4 review without spoilers is here.)

The basics

Stranger Things conquered the streaming world when it debuted in 2016. Located in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the 80s of last century, the show began with the disappearance of a child named Will Byers (Noah Schnapp). Researchers at Hawkins National Laboratory have opened the door to a formidable alternate dimension known as the Inverted, and are experimenting on a group of special children, one of whom, known as Eleven (Dear Bobby Brown), escapes and befriends Will’s group. Part of the charm of the show is the diverse young cast, who feel like real friends, and the nostalgic atmosphere.

Where we stopped

At the end of the third season, Eleven and the Byers left Indiana for California. So the new season will have to show the two groups of friends living far apart and how they keep in touch. Remember that the 1980s were the days before mobile phones and the Internet. A ghostly trailer released in April shows that life in California is not just about the sun and lollipops.

Police Chief Hopper (David Harbor) appears dead at the end of the third season, but videos show that he was being held in a formidable labor camp in Russia who did not mind feeding prisoners with upside-down monsters.

Early examinations are in

Sigh with relief, fans of Stranger Things. Season 4 wins raves.

The best season so far

IN my review of CNET, I call season 4 the best so far and I praise the creators, the Duffer brothers, for being able to balance all the different settings, develop the ghostly plot and keep the characters as alive and cute as they always were.

“Although the ping-pong show between California, Hawkins, Russia and Eleven Lab Days, none of these settings drag on,” the review said. “You’ll have to press the pause button for any necessary bath breaks or snacks, because once this season starts moving, it doesn’t back down.”

A rush of joyful energy

Review of Entertainment Weekly echoes ours. “Fresh locations, attractive new characters and a rewarding expansion of mythology give the new season of Stranger Things a burst of joyful energy, just when the series needed it most,” wrote critic Kristen Baldwin.

Running time issues

The critic of AV Club likes the new seasonbut I felt that some episodes were swollen.

“The finale of Volume 1 is almost 100 minutes long,” writes Saloni Gajar. “The show continues to require patience from its audience after three devilish years of waiting.”

When is season 4 coming?

The first seven episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things will be released on Netflix on Friday, May 27. Two additional episodes will arrive on Netflix on July 1, giving fans a few weeks to reflect on first-half events. This season 4 finale is more than two hours long, so get ready for a feature-length event.

New heroes

In 2021, he revealed the show’s official Twitter account four new characters for next season. The photos were tweeted upside down, in honor (we guess?) Of the show’s terrifying underground world, The Upside Down. And since I saw the first part of season 4, I can tell you that there are other new characters – some great ones, actually.

Vicki will be played by Amibet McNulty, basketball player Patrick from Miles Truit, guidance counselor Mrs. Kelly from Regina Ting Chen and cheerleader Chrissy from Grace Van Dien.

What will season 4 bring?

Leaving Hawkins and this watch

The first teaser for the new season has scary music and eerie looks to the full with rotting upside down. This teaser includes a text that says, “We’re not in Hawkins anymore,” which makes sense given the movement of Eleven and Byers to the west.

A scary watch appears on the teaser, and later visuals reveal that he was once at the infamous Hawkins mansion, where a horrific murder took place.

Eleven’s past and future

In May 2021, Netflix released a trailer focused on Eleven, played by Brown, the show’s first breakthrough star. If you remember, Eleven was imprisoned with a group of other children and tested for her supernatural powers in some strange experiment. The scene goes back to her time in captivity, while Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) greets a bunch of children. But Eleven certainly seems to be his stellar student.

Eleven will continue to be important – yes – like latest trailer shows Dr. Sam Owens (Paul Raiser), who tells her “without you we can’t win this war.” She is also seen in this trailer, which was taken to a prison transport van.

The Hellfire Club

As early as November 2019, the show’s writers tweeted a cover photo of the script for the first season of 4. The episode is called The Hellfire Club, which is also the name of a group of supervillains in the X-Men comics. Mike (Finn Wolfhardt) is also seen wearing a Hellfire Club shirt while sitting in the gym next to Dustin (Gaton Matarazzo). Obviously this is the name of the school club Dungeons & Dragons, but in this plot full of monsters there is a double meaning.

How to watch

Take a Netflix subscription to make sure you get all the new episodes plus access to the first three seasons.

The service offers a free one-month trial, so if you wait to sign up until the entire fourth season is uploaded on July 1, you can enjoy seasons from previous years and then cancel your membership for free. But then you’ll have to find a kind friend on Netflix to let you watch the fifth season when that happens.


Matt and Ross Duffer, creators of Stranger Things, have signed a multi-series deal with Netflix.

Jackson Lee Davis / Netflix

Actors: Who is who?

The biggest casting question has been answered: a scene in the finale of the third season, which mentions a closed American, but reveals the fact that Hopper survived the grim events of this episode. Since then, Hopper has appeared in trailers at the Russian prison, which also appears to be a camp of monsters and gladiators.

Above we told you about the four new characters announced in June 2020. Here’s a look at the rest of the cast.



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