Moon Knight ended on Wednesday, as episode 6 of The Marvel cinematic universe hit of the series Disney Plus. The season finale begins with Mark Specter (Oscar Isaac) after an intense emotional journey through the Egyptian realm of the dead.

Mark looks set to recover after being shot dead by cult leader Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), who has apparently been released. trapped the goddess of death Amit on the world.

However, our hero may not be able to use his superhero abilities of the Moon Knight, due to the source of his power – the moon god Honshu – is closed by his fellow gods. He also needs to find out what happened to his wife, Leila El-Fowley (May Kalamawi), after he was shot.

It’s time to get into the realm of SPOILERS for episode 6. This show takes place after the events of The Avengers: End of the game.

Honshu rejected

The resurrected Mark and the restored Stephen strike a balance using their combined Moon Knight and Mr. Knight ability to fight Harrow’s supporters on the streets of Cairo. Layla has accepted the chance to become an avatar of Taveret, the goddess of birth and fertility, and has acquired her own superpowers.

Mark is seemingly defeated, but darkens and wakes up to find Harrow and all his crooks beaten. They catch Amit, but Mark refuses to kill them. He then insists that Honshu release them.

Layla gets metal wings in Moon Knight

Layla looks great as an avatar of Taveret.

Marvel Studios

The moon god seems to agree. Stephen and Mark wake up back in the same institution they were in after their deaths and reject Duat’s manifestation of Harrow’s diagnosis. They wake up in Stephen’s apartment in London, where they are bedridden.

“I can’t believe you’re living in this damn mess,” Mark says before crashing to the floor.

It seemed that the moment in the institution was a step in bringing Mark and Stephen back to reality, and the scene in the apartment was a reality. However, the next scene calls all this into question.

The Moon Knight knelt on Arthur Harrow in the season finale

There are some extremely cool action movies in this episode.

Marvel Studios

A scene in the middle of credit and a whole new person

The additional scene finds Harrow in a London psychiatric institution (maybe Layla brought him here?), Where a man in black, who sounds a lot like Oscar Isaac, comes to take him out – in more ways than one. Harrow guesses that something is wrong when he sees a hospital worker lying in a pool of blood.

He then got into a luxurious white limousine and came face to face with Khonshu, looking extremely elegant in a white suit in the style of Mr. Knight. Harrow is convinced that the moon god cannot hurt him, which causes the divine being to reveal that he he never wanted Layla as a new avatar.

“Why would I need someone else when he has no idea how problematic he really is?” Says a cheeky Honshu. Meet my friend Jake Lockley.

Jake Lockley picks up a silencer pistol in Moon Knight

Jake Lockley appears to be aboard Honshu’s assassination mission.

Marvel Studios

The divider descends, revealing Oscar Isaac in a hat with a top – Mark’s third person.

“Today it’s your turn to lose,” Jake said in Spanish.

He picked up a silenced pistol and blew up Harrow several times before taking to the streets of London.

In the comics, one of Mark’s most prominent personalities is taxi driver Jake Lockley, who specializes in gathering information on the streets. He has a bunch of connections in the criminal world, hinting at his morally dubious prospects.

Moon Knight 8 2016

Oscar Isaac’s gaze on the show reflects on his comic book colleague.

Marvel Comics

Apparently, Jake’s double from the MCU is fully in line with Khonshu’s murderous ways and may be a manifestation of the dark deeds Mark committed during his time as a mercenary. Earlier, we received hints of Jake’s existence when he stabbed a group of people on Harrow and Mark noticed a a mysterious shaking sarcophagus at the Duat Psychiatric Institution. Probably Jake tried attack Duat Harrow as well as

The last scene in Stephen’s apartment could have been an illusion created by the moon god to control the less cooperative personalities of his avatar. Or Jake took control of Cairo and controlled their common body on their return to London.

It is unclear where this story will continue. We haven’t had a Season 2 announcement for this show, but it looks like Khonshu could appear as a major threat to the MCU.

Cover of Invaders 23

Scarlett Scarab fought the superheroes of the 1940s comic book invaders.

Marvel Comics

Alley scarab

To defeat Amit and Harrow, Layla embraces Taveret’s power and becomes MCU’s version of Alley scarab – A little-known hero who fought with the superhero team from World War II Invaders in the 70s. Layla’s costume isn’t very alley, but it looks infinitely cooler.

“Are you an Egyptian superhero?” asks a girl after Layla saves her from being crushed by a van in Cairo, to which she answers in the affirmative.

We don’t know what happens to Layla after Mark rejects Honshu, but she will no doubt reappear. Maybe she and Sam Wilson can you compare bullet deflection notes with their metal wings?

Fight with the gods

Outside of Jake Lockley, who appears and Layla gains superpowers, the rest of the episode seems like a pretty standard Marvel price tag. Battle with the skeleton of a giant crocodile and a fearsome bird among the pyramids, a bunch of avatars of gods are killed, Moon Knight / Mr. Knight and Scarlet Scarab have a great team – the usual.

Giant goddess crocodile Amit in the Moon Knight

Somehow the giant crocodile is one of the easiest elements to wrap your head in this episode.

Marvel Studios

Surprisingly, Amit chooses Harrow as his avatar, although his scales are unbalanced. She believes that her previous avatar – Alexander the Great – had balanced scales, but this has trapped her for 2,000 years. I suppose this proves the gods’ willingness to throw their own rules out the window when it’s convenient for them.

Observations, Easter eggs and WTF questions

  • Jake finds Harrow at Sienkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital, which is probably named after the iconic artist Bill Sienkiewicz. He drew first issue of the 1980 Moon Knight solo series.
  • The limousine – registration number SPKTR – pays tribute to Mr. Knight’s transport from the comics. He used it to get to the crime scene in New York with style.
  • The CGI effect of Amit’s head appearing on Harrow’s cane is a little ugly, but Amit’s rising physical shape is great.
  • Why didn’t Harrow tell his crooks to chase Layla to Alexander’s tomb?
  • The way Tavaret’s ears tremble is extremely sweet. In contrast, her talking to Leila through dead soldiers is fun in a scary way.
  • Dr. Harrow’s legs seemed to bleed as Mark and Stephen reconciled his Duat manifestation with his true self.

That’s all for Moon Knight for now, but your next dose of Marvel is not far off. Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness goes to theaters on Friday and Mrs. Marvel starts at Disney Plus on June 8.

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