With SUN Mobility’s battery technology, GEM aims to use the infrastructure and battery for both electric 2-wheel and 3-wheel

EV solutions provider SUN Mobility and EV Greaves Electric Mobility (GEM) have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together and develop a battery replacement solution for EV customers.

As part of the agreement, GEM & Sun Mobility will introduce replaceable batteries for electric vehicles in the country.

With government and key industry players recognizing the Battery-as-a-Service to accelerate EV adoption, this partnership aims to further enhance EV adoption in India in the electric 2-wheel and 3-wheel categories by using the same charging infrastructure.

GEM has a range of electric vehicles for 2-wheel, 3-wheel electronic rickshaws and electronic loaders (all brands such as Ampere, Ele, MLR Auto). The SUN Mobility platform will target all of these vehicles using 1/2/3/4 batteries, providing customers with a one-stop solution on arguably the world’s first truly interoperable platform.

With SUN Mobility’s battery technology, GEM aims to use the infrastructure and battery for both electric 2-wheel and 3-wheel. With this association, the strategic partnership between SUN Mobility and Cotton swabs seeks to revolutionize the ecosystem of electric vehicles in the country.

Through this initiative, Greaves Electric Mobility also aims to improve the EV ecosystem by offering a range of multi-brand smart mobility options for commuting to work, improved access to sales and customer service in multiple cities as part of the pilot project.

Ram Rajapa, Chief Technology Officer, Greaves Electric Mobility, said: “Through Greaves Electric Mobility, we strive to strengthen our leadership in the electric vehicle segment and provide the best and most affordable last mile connection experience. our large number of customers all over the country. Together with SUN Mobility, we will address one of the critical elements in adopting EV in terms of range anxiety and ensuring continuous travel.

Anant Badjatya, CEO of SUN Mobility, said: “SUN Mobility has always been committed to delivering technologically superior, convenient and sustainable solutions for the EV space, and this reflects well Greaves Cotton’s commitment to creating the best products for the future. mobility. Together we strive to push the common goal of accelerating the demand and acceptance of electric cars in the country.

SUN Mobility And Greaves Electric Mobility Sign MoU To Deploy Swappable Batteries For EVs

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