Swiss startup in the field of climate technology Axelos has raised $ 16.5 million in funding to expand its team and solutions to optimize the existing infrastructure of the energy industry. They participated in the circle AT Capital Group, Future energy companies, Japanese Energy Fund and Shell Ventures.

Founded in 2012 with operations in Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia, the company’s products are specifically designed to help protect critical energy infrastructure with real-time, state-based monitoring for critical assets. The platform aims to provide technology that will allow the energy transition to a world with zero net. According to the company, its large-scale asset modeling solution simulates exact virtual copies or predictable and accurate digital twins of energy assets such as offshore wind turbines and their foundations.

Thomas Llorant, CEO, Axelos, said: “We have allowed a new innovative curve for the energy industry. It is more important than ever to protect and extend the life of our current infrastructure while reallocating capital to the ambitious Net Zero 2050 roadmap. Adopting our technology allows customers to lead in their respective fields and we are eager to expand applications and use . “

Akselos customers use physics-based digital twin software, Akselos Integra & Akselos Innovate, to protect their most critical assets, learn from digital twins and design the next generation of assets.

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