Tech Data is taking steps to ensure that people of all races, religions and cultures feel welcome and represented within the company by setting up a Business Resources Group (BRG) focused on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

The third Tech Data BRG, which goes live in the UK and Ireland, Embrace will hold meetings every 6 to 8 weeks, where each of the minority groups or anyone affected by racism or prejudice can share their experiences and express I heard my voice.

David Watts, Managing Director of Tech Data, UK and Ireland, said: “Tech Data is committed to maintaining a culture that celebrates diversity, justice and inclusion, and we really look forward to launching Embrace and seeing how it can make a positive difference. not only for those employees who belong to racial, cultural or religious minorities, but also for all in the organization of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Tech Data already has a BRG for Women’s Empowerment (Elevate) and LGBTQ + counterparts (SPECTRUM).

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Tech Data sets up DEI BRG

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