Tesla said Thursday it is reaching out to the public to help determine where the next Superchargers should be located as the automaker continues to expand its network of EV fast-charging stations in North America, Europe and Asia.

The company’s @TeslaCharging account tweeted Thursday:

“The Supercharger vote is coming soon. Answer with location suggestions – answers with the most likes will be included in the poll.”

The online survey comes as Tesla prepares to open its Supercharger network to other electric vehicles by the end of the year. The rollout could help Tesla attract new buyers while increasing traffic and profits on the Supercharger network. It could also put pressure on the grid, especially in areas like California that have a higher percentage of Teslas and other EVs.

The answers with the most likes so far suggest Alaska, Hawaii and Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The responses also suggest high demand for US national parks, which vacationers often travel long distances through rural areas to reach.

Tesla already functioning more than 35,000 Superchargers worldwide, allowing drivers to add up to 200 miles in 15 minutes.

Tesla wants your vote for new Supercharger locations

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