In this issue of Industrial Process News, we chose AlcoDigital as our drug, alcohol and COVID-19 testing company of the year.

Since 2002, AlcoDigital has been one of the UK’s leading experts in biotesting with a strong focus on alcohol and drugs, but since COVID-19 has expanded its bioassays to include antigen, antibodies, PCR and saliva-based COVID-19 testing. In order to provide industry-leading testing, training and service equipment, AlcoDigital works with individuals, corporations and government organizations to find the right solution for their alcohol and drug testing needs.

AlcoDigital’s customers come from a wide range of industries, including transportation, healthcare, construction, retail and government, and due to its rich history of expertise and knowledge in the field of biotesting, many of its customers remain with the company for many years.

Proving to be a difficult time for many businesses around the world, COVID-19 bought with it many setbacks that left some companies in a position from which they can never recover.

AlcoDigital managed to get around the pandemic, and although its main customer base was left to face the severity of the crisis, Susanna Robin, AlcoDigital’s chief operating officer, explained how the company managed to turn a bad situation into a manageable solution.

“We have over 20 years of experience in this industry and therefore we have managed to slightly change our business goals. Because our suppliers, who make our drug test kits, also make COVID-19 test kits, this gave us a really good stream of revenue when many other companies were really struggling. The last 12 months have been really positive for us, because with the restrictions on COVID-19, which are now drastically reduced, the core of our customers is already working, which means that our alcohol and drug testing kits in the B2B markets increased. In general, we were very busy and managing the workload and illness of employees was a test, but since the summer of 2021 we have exceeded sales, which put us in a great position for the future. “

With the latest additions to staff levels, AlcoDigital is launching its latest product, Worksober. Worksober is a fully automated alcohol screening system that identifies employees with facial recognition technology. It allows employees to be tested for alcohol remotely in less than 10 seconds and can be used as a stand-alone breathalyzer to check employees before entering the workplace. Alternatively, it can be connected to entrance systems such as turnstiles and electronic doors to control entry into high-risk sites.

“It was a system that we launched before COVID-19, but we really insisted on it for the last 12 months. This is one of our key products and we really want companies to take advantage of our trial offer to see how easy it is to integrate in the workplace. The unique selling point of the product is that it completely eliminates the need for labor from alcohol testing in the workplace. It works only through facial recognition and built-in RFID technology. It is fully automated with login access and test data stored and uploaded to the cloud, providing real-time system alerts via email or SMS when alcohol is detected. It has become extremely popular and we are really excited about it, “said Susanna.

Worksober can be wall mounted and used to automatically test your workforce on a daily or random basis. Because it is fully configurable, Worksober allows companies to test their entire workforce or just a small, select group. It is the most intelligent automated alcohol screening system available on the market in the United Kingdom to date. AlcoDigital will present this device at two events this year, together with the device manufacturer:

  • ITT Hub 11-12 May 2022 Farnborough International
  • FORS in Manchester – July 12, 2022

With more than half a dozen companies now using two to three Worksober units, bringing product knowledge to market is the company’s top priority for the next 12 months. It is important to note that companies can try the product for free and if it works, then the advantages of tracking are that all procedures and systems are already in place, and the monthly subscription takes care of the rest.

Along with product delivery and service, the core business is the provision of CPD-accredited direct and online drug and alcohol testing training through AlcoDigital Academy. Available to individuals, organizations and governing bodies in the UK, the training is appropriate for all levels of staff who support your organization in internal drug and alcohol testing. Face-to-face on-the-job training days are available to everyone and take place in more than 30 locations in the UK. Online training courses offer convenience and flexibility, while their special on-site training is tailored to your company’s specific drug and alcohol policies.

Being able to offer such a unique product that is exclusive to the company, AlcoDigital will continue to promote Worksober, while continuing its refresher training and introducing the training of and the Worksober product in new markets.

Susanna mentioned another product that AlcoDigital wants to support. “From 2025, new vehicles must have hardware to support the installation of a lock. Here in the United Kingdom, there is no legal requirement to use these devices to prevent drunk driving, so we support the enactment of this legislation to be approved here in the United Kingdom. The alcohol ignition lock is an immobilizer for a breathalyzer connected to the car’s ignition system. Labeled as the most effective way to prevent accidents from drunk drivers, interlocks have the ability to eliminate repetitive offenders, it’s just a matter of hearing voices so that the UK government can react and take action.

In conclusion, we asked Susanna how she felt when she received the award, she commented. “It is a great honor for us. We are only a small company, but our experience and strong knowledge mean that we care a lot about large corporations. Our personal relationships with customers and our strong potential customers allow us to provide our customers with the latest technology much faster than larger companies. This award shows that we are doing the right thing. “

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Alcohol testing in the workplace in under 10 seconds

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