TFC brings intelligent VMI solutions to Rail Live @TFCLtd #Engineering #Solutions #SmartSolutions

June 22-23 Leading supplier of fasteners and managed suppliers (VMI) TFC will be exhibiting at Rail Live at the Long Marston Rail Innovation Center, Warwickshire. At booth B14, TFC will explain the benefits of Smalley and ARaymond product solutions, as well as the recently launched VMI Smart Solutions. The experienced TFC team will be on the stand to help solve the challenges of the design and supply chain in the railway industry.

Visitors to the TFC booth can learn about the latest launch of TFC – VMI Smart Solutions. This adaptive portfolio of solutions uses market-leading real-time technology from partner company Inventor-e to complement TFC’s decades of experience in providing VMI solutions, ultimately giving manufacturers better visibility and control over their supply chains. delivery. This is particularly useful for the railway industry, where health and safety are paramount.

VMI Smart Solutions are crucial for maintenance and repair (MRO) operations, where products are expensive and need to be protected. This is an intelligent technology as iVendSecure allows manufacturers to manage and control high-value assets by keeping them safe in closed lockers equipped with live data transmission to monitor asset use. If integrated with the vendor’s enterprise resource planning (ERP), it can also trigger auto-replenishment – performing automatic reordering when stocks are low.

Visitors to the booth can also learn more about the delivery of TFC components, such as Smalley wave springs and Araymond retaining rings and quick couplers. For example, ARaymond’s VDA low-pressure quick couplers offer an improved design to reduce the required input force by 45%, resulting in lower operating fatigue. Visitors can also ask for a custom design order.

“Rail Live is a great environment where engineers and other industry professionals can get direct access to the latest products and services,” said Chris Billing, TFC’s Director of Business Development. “Current supply chain problems and rising material costs are making inventory management more important than ever. Our new VMI Smart Solutions can help railway manufacturers innovate, disrupt and create value.

“We are excited to attend more shows this year, meet people face to face and share new innovations. The experienced TFC team will be able to answer questions from the visitor supply chain and demonstrate how the technical products presented can help address a growing range of challenges in the railway industry, ”added Simon Ward, TFC Technical Manager.

TFC is a leading supplier of Smalley and ARaymond products, as well as an expert in providing inventory management solutions that deliver increased productivity and profitability. To learn more about TFC, visit the website or register to attend the event here.

TFC brings smart VMI solutions to Rail Live @TFCLtd #Engineering #Solutions #SmartSolutions

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